Visa Grant Delay 189

Has anyone Got their grant for systems analyst?

Its strange that there are no grants reported for today… I hope DHA does not go back to sleeping mode again.

I have received HAP ID for the New Born (after waiting for 2 months). required Medicals furnished on 06-feb-2020. Hoping for the grant soon.

My Medicals and PCC expires n 23rd Feb - Reason why a bit worried

yeah it is strange. not sure if it is a public holiday?

Hi all,

I wanted to share the great news of receiving our direct grant today. I was so hopeful to get it today but in the morning noticed that there were no updates to the tracker which made me believe that today DHA is celebrating valentine’s day and not providing any grants…but to my delight I received the news at 11 AM. Visa applied: 4th April 2019, Direct Grant for husband, son and self: 14th Feb 2020, Initial Entry Date by: 14th Feb 2021.

Though I being a silent reader, this forum became a great source for dealing with all the anxiety and wait time. Since it has became a staple, I am sure, I’ll keep visiting it out of habit.

It’ll be great to have a post grant forum as well where we can all connect and share experiences. Do share a link if any?

Wish you all speedy grants! Your day is coming soon…

Thank you everyone! and Happy Valentine’s Day to All! :slight_smile:


Awesome Congratulations !

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Congrats ! Just want to ask , how come your IED is 14th Feb 2021, If lodged on 4th April 2019 and granted on 14th feb 2020??? IED depends on PCC and medicals validity ( which is 1 year)

IED is not based on your pcc or medical date off late. Dept is providing 1 year time to make the initial entry these days.

Congratulations… good to have a link for grant receivers. There is one already in immitracker forum itself which was just started recently.

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You can get the pcc renewed if you want to be on the safer side

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Thanks For the info !

Yep, that’s correct! IED is 1 year time after visa grant date during which you need to make atleast one entry.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing this! :slight_smile:

HI Experts,

I have lodged my visa application 31st March 2019. Still the status is recieved.When i can expect grant mail? By next week of feb?

You can expect the grant anytime this year. Cheers

This year is too long.Can i expect it this month?

I hv same scenario…lodged on 10th april 2019

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You might get a Direct grant/CO contact in next few weeks.You can get a better idea if you look at Immitracker.

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Okay thanks a lot. My only concern is that my PCC (india) completes 1 year on 25 feb 2020. Hopefully CO wont ask me to redo the PCC. As my medical is completing 1 yr on April-08-2020. Fingers crossed!!!

It’s better to get your pcc renewed to avoid any potential delays if CO asks for it

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