Visa Grant Delay 189

No. As per immitracker trackers for 189, there is a frustrating standstill in the status since last 30-40 days. People till around 22-23 Feb have got. And after that, it has not moved an inch.

Some times, I feel that the department is deliberately slowing things up, to slow down the rate of immigration. I might be wrong.

Visa processing is super slow. This waiting time really sucks. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Hi all,

I have applied since 3 Dec 2018 and was contacted by CO March 5 2019 requesting for a letter of proof of employment, which i submitted the letter on March 7th and i have not heard anything from them since then… what may have been the cause of the delay?. any response would be appreciated.

Thanks Sam

There is no major cause for delay. DHA processing the visa applications in between 7 and 8 months because of the last year backlog files. All you need is to wait till October. Best of luck.

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Hi there. Applied for 189 on 07/02/19 with 70 points as a social worker. Was contacted by a CO on 21/05 and asked to fix my afp check, because the initial one didn’t include my patronim - submitted it on 29/05. And still waiting since then. So, yes, some of the Feb applications are still being processed.

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Samuel_Olukayode I’m shocked that you have updated on 7March and they didn’t reply you for the update in FIVE MONTHS!!!

Man… anxiety is damaging my mental health.


You are really lucky mate. You got update just around 1.5 months. Look at us we lodged our application in Feb and still waiting for direct grant or co contact. It is really frustrating and no one knows how DHA process the visa applications…

Hey my bad, I submitted it on 07/02/19 not 07/04/19. Just a typo. Apologies for the confusion

Still lucky mate.

can any body please tell why the applicants of sub class 476 are facing difficulty in grants , processing time is increasing day by day

I am a March applicant too. The wait is driving me crazy. I am so sick and tired of my current dead end job. Can’t quit due to visa implications. If anyone gets to know the reason for the delay and provide us with an expected wait time, please let us know.

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Seriously. I am a March applicant too. I expected Grant maximum by July. So many things are dependent on visa!!! I just wish and I really want grant to be received this August.

Im a feb applicant and was contacted by CO for additional health check and overseas PCC on the 2nd of July. Does that mean I should expect a 2~3 month wait??? Absolute BS!!!

It is also seen that the people who has the account is not updating the status. As per analysis we can see that there has been no visa grant after 1st Aug and also we can see that there is only 2 CO contact in Aug.Which i assume is not possible. If any one has an update on this please notify here

the August round was a catastrophe! hope high score applicants update their status so that we get a better picture of the situation.

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Why is nobody updating their case? Is the visa grant process actually on hold? Anyone having information from any source will be highly appreciated.

I would love to know what is happening as well. Nothing seems to be progressing - its like the pipeline has frozen. But why???

I do not feel that people are not updating their profiles. The number of visa grants has seen a downward trend since the last few months. Also, there were barely any invites in the August round. Something is surely brewing under the hood. If someone has submitted their application via a MARA agent/or knows an immigration agent/lawyer personally, would it be possible for them to contact DoHA and receive further information?

Its totally frustrating to wait without knowing what is happening.If anyone can share a reliable info on whats happening that would be great

I saw on an agent’s website, they had three 189 visa grants on 5th and 6th August.