Everything After Visa Grant (189/ 190) (IED up to March 2021)

Hi Guy Created this forum to discuss anything everything about moving to Australia after PR Grant. There are a lot of important decision to make and queries in mind and this forum is to address those. Request all those who have received their Grants to indulge and help out fellow Aussies to be.!!

Hello mate… I’m in. Received grant on 13-Feb-20. How about you… when are you planning to move… any ore-requisites you know…?

Hello guys, I too received the grant yesterday…yet to plan everything. But wanted to check about parent visa? Anyone has/will be applying for the same? Thanks!

Congratulations… I haven’t applied yet. Planning to settle down and then apply. Visitors visa can be obtained within few weeks as per immigration website.

Ok! Will discuss with my agent also once…when are you planning to leave? Do you have a job already? I think the job season starts in Feb.

I’m looking for a job now. What’s your occupation?

Same here. Mine is software engineer which is the same as yours. Which city?

Same occupation. I haven’t decided the city yet. Do you have any suggestion… where are you from…

I am from Delhi NCR…working in Gurgaon. You?

I’m currently in United States. Your employer has any opportunities in Australia… which city you are planning for?

I am checking my employer’s opportunities as well…re city mostly Sydney but depends. Any more forums you’re aware of? Do you want to connect on linkedin?

Hi Guys, got my grant on 06 Feb. Got upto Feb 2021 to enter. What I could gather so far is

  1. Don’t rush into applying online right now
  2. Try talking to your employers for any opportunities there
  3. Find references to apply for jobs instead of applying directly and make a cover letter as well with your Cvs
  4. Make a plan to shift alone at least for a few months if the above points don’t work. × mention in your CV your grant no and passport details n dob
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Thanks for the info! I also found this blog useful…might help you guys as well

I heard there is a thread in expat forum regarding settling in Australia, haven’t explored myself… Will check and post the link tomorrow

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Sure… what’s your profile name

Thank you

Hi, got my 189 grant today. Is there a group whtsapp/telegram for aspiring migrants ?