Visa Grant Delay 189

Hi I applied for Visa subclass 189 under the occupation 233512 Mechanical Engineering. My Lodgement Date was 19th Oct 2018. Till now I have not received my Grant. It has been 153 Days now. I submitted my PTE score from PTE Website portal on 30th Jan without any CO Contact. Is there anyone who can explain to me this delay what might be the reasons for this



Hi, did you receive the grant?

I also lodged my 189 visa under 262112 ICT security specialist on 27 FEB 2019. I have not received any update on my case yet. My points were 70. I don’t know why there is so much delay… :frowning:

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Hi Sam, looking at last year’s trend, you should receive the grant this month. Let’s hope for the best.

Hope so…Best of luck mate…

I lodged my application on 17th Jan 2019. CO contacted on 17th April, send all requested documents on 24th April. After that there is no news at all. No idea why? My points are 75 and I am an electronics engineer.

Hi all, I lodged 189 with 80 points under developer programmer 261312 on 28th february 2019 and still waiting. There is no CO contact till now and no grant. Can someone share their experience under same stream? This wait is killing me.

It seems deptt of home affairs is handling cases till lodgement dae of 28/02/2019 now. This is the latest information (got through an agent) on 12th June 2019. In the last 1 month the status of 99% of applications have not moved an inch it seems.

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Thankyou Nigel for the information.

I lodged on March 1st and didnt hear from anything. Hopefully you can hear back from them soon.

Any one who has applied in March has received it? we have 10 days left for this month…so can we expect a grant this month?

I think the people who have applied in March will be pushed to August. Those who have applied in Feb should hear something this month.

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Most of the Feb applicants have got their Visa if am not wrong

I applied on 8th of March and I didn’t receive anything so far. :frowning:

Hi Guys

I have applied on 21st March, put all documents (I haven’t re-sent my PTE Score, but the score was sent automatically right after my results got published) by 31st March and also completed Medical within 3 weeks of lodgement. CO is not assigned yet and the status is Received since 31st March. How long it might take, any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Department is handling the batch of applications till 28 Feb 2019 now. This has been the status since Mid June 2019. I expect the Feb logments(22 Feb onwards) to be acted upon anytime from now. It can be this weekend or any time around it.

Once the Feb Lodgements are over, the march ones will be taken into consideration. Now, analyzing based on the Feb trends, it may very well take another 30-40 days, from that point, for March guys to get some communications/grants. My lodgement date is 7th March. I am also waiting.

The SC189 tracker shows that Between 15th and 30th June 2019 There was a big wave of grants and CO contacts. Some of these cases apparently took longer due to the Australian general elections. We don’t know what the wave length may be. It is quite possible that the next wave of Grants/COs will cover entire feb-end to march-end spectrum.


Very insightful, thanks Nigel.

Well, it’s 5th of August and I don’t think they even finished the applications from February (based in the data people update here in the website) :frowning:

The website is out of order as well.

Hi Daniel

I am worried too, looks like, March Batch hasn’t even been assigned a CO!

If somebody on myimmitracker, is applying through an australian MARA agent, the agent can raise a Request for Information through the department. Individuals cannot raise such requests.

So if there is anybody who has gone through an australian agent, you could ask them and they could find out on your behalf, what’s going on in the background.

The worst part with this delay is that: If somebody gets a CO contact after 6-7 months of wait, then the case is automatically postponed by another 2-3 months. People get aged with time. Some may have other opportunities. I myself had an offer back in March that I turned down just because I thought I would be granted a visa within the average 3 months. Now I have realized I was a fool to have done that.