September AOR 2017

September AOR 2017
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Thank you so much Andy for your reply. As per your suggestion I have raised CSE-New Delhi. But we have to submit our passport within 30 days. Please help me on this question also “how many days CSE-Delhi will take to reply”. Please also provide call center number for India, so I can call.

Thank you so much for your help.


Hey, CSE may take a while to be responded. Some people waited 20 days for response. However, no one missed 30 days deadline.

In terms of Delhi VFS - I would suggest to call CIC call center number published on their web-site.


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I received my AOR on September 17 and my profile changed to the following today. Does this mean it’s jumped straight to IP2? Or am I at IP1? Been reading lots of forums and there seems to be different information. To be honest, I’m just glad there’s been some progress. Thanks! :slight_smile:


As background jumped to “we are processing your background check” for the first time, you are in IP1.

That’s a normal timings i should say, well within the averages.


Thanks! I thought that was the case (it was IP1), but wanted to double check! :smiley:


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