September AOR 2017

September AOR 2017
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Hi Guys,

Starting thread for those who have AOR in September 2017 - please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.

There is already a watsapp group for September AOR - please leave a request (dont share number, just a request saying: add me to watsapp) and i will send you an invite link.

Below I will post some information which you may find useful going forward.

Some FAQ:

Q: How to find my visa office?

A: Send E-mail to: Subject: E000xxxx - Visa Office Body of the mail: Hello,

I am trying to find out in which Visa office my application is being processed?

Application number: E000xxxx Date of Birth: 19xx-xx-xx Last Name: xxx First Name: xxxx UCI: - Category of Immigration: Federal Skilled Worker

Q: Can you explain background status changes (by other forum member, not my):

A: Background statuses explained:

There are two different things. Application status remains in process until we complete stamping.

Regarding BG status - It will go through different stages and let me try to make it clear to you to avoid any further confusion.

Prior to March 7, CIC used to maintain the below BG status.

  1. Not needed at this time (NN)
  2. Not Started (NS)
  3. In Progress (IP)

After March 7, they paraphase the above status as follows.

  1. Not Applicable (NA) ( Old Status :: NN)
  2. Next to step to conduct BG Check (NBG) (Old Status : NS)
  3. In Progress (IP)

People in the threads are using the above status interchangeably. So, don’t get confused.

Now as far as BG process is concerned, it will go through the below trends. I’m using new status words for your reference.

Trend 1: NA -> IP -> NA -> IP Trend 2: NA -> NBG-> NA-> IP

Some people who are submitting RCMP along with eAPR follows Trend 2 and rest Trend 1. I may not be 100% accurate. But this is what I noticed for CEC Inlanders. Once the applicant at IP(2), he can expect PPR anytime soon.

Regarding at what stage BG will change??

STAGE 1:: After we submit our application, the BG status would be NA and it will be there until we see a change in Medical status (Passed).

STAGE 2:: After medical update is done, then agent at CIO will change our BG to IP or NBG. Then, he will start R10 check, Criminal checks.

STAGE 3:: After the above checks are done, then he will change BG to NA and our file moved to next stage for Eligibility assessment (A11.2) . Once he/she feels that we are meeting the Eligibility then he/she will provide his/her recommendation to Visa Officer and initiate the Security Clearance. At this point only our file will be moved from CIO to CPC.

STAGE 4:: Officer at Local Visa Office (LVO) will review the recommendation, Security clearance reports. Once he/she satisfies then he/she will approve the recommendation. Then our BG will be changed to IP again. This is where PPR(Passport Request) mails triggered to applicants.

I will post more as we progress.


CEC application waiting time


ITA --> AOR --> Medicals passed --> IP1 --> N/A --> IP2 --> PPR

You receive your ITA, and you have 90 days to submit the full application

On submitting the full application, you receive an AOR or Acknowledgement of Receipt

Medical passed could take about 2 months, but recently its only been a month for some. It will say ‘You have passed the medical’. I think this could be preceded with a background check of not applicable…

Background checks happen in two stages, on some forums they are labelled IP1 (in progress 1) and IP2 (in progress 2).

IP1 usually follows shortly after the medicals are passed, and should last a few days before the background check goes to not applicable again. The text I believe just says ‘In progress’

This not applicable stage can last from a month to many months.

When the background check goes to ‘We are processing your background check. We will contact you if we need further information’, then you are in IP2.

After IP2 follows PPR, or Passport Request, which is the visa office asking for your passport so they can stamp it with something confirming your PR. At this stage you have been accepted.

Please note that the timelines are very rough, there are many factors that can affect your application such as spouse/#dependants, travel history, PCC’s, and many more thing. Even certain streams seem to be slower, for example PNP applications seem to take longer than FSW, and CEC is fastest (Again generally speaking).

Not all of the above changes trigger an email to you. so its a good idea to check your application regularly.

In general it seems to be

Medicals passed Then your background will move from In progress 1 or not Applicable, but some people may never seen IP1 its so quick.

Then you might see changes regarding the additional documents section followed by in background to We are processing your background check (IP2)

IP2 seems to be a pretty good indicator you are about 2 weeks away from getting your Passport request email


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Some will find it useful:

CEC - Canadian Experience Class AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt MR - Medical request RPRF - Right of permanent residence fee PPR - Passport request COPR - Confirmation of permanent residence Counterfoil - Visa attached to passports of non-visa exempt countries RFO - Ready for Officer

PCC - Police clearance certificate IELTS - International English language testing service CELPIP - Canadian English language proficiency index program NOC - National occupational classification OB - Operational bulletin IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act eCAS - Electronic client application status GCMS - Global case management system VO - Visa officer CIO - Centralized Intake Office CPPO - Case Processing Pilot Ottawa BOWP - Bridged open work permit PGWP - Post graduation work permit WP - Work permit Eligibility - CIC evaluation of your compliance with all requirements (pass or fail) Medical - Applicants medical exam when requested by CIC Criminality - PCC sent with application, including CIC independent checks and RCMP (when requested) Security - Checks completed by CSIS


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Please add me on whatapp. AOR sept 5th. My case is Canadian Experience class with Ontario nominee


so are you pnp or cec?:slight_smile: Seems like pnp.

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That’s my confusion. I received a letter of interest through the EE from the OINP which gave to me the nomination and so the extra 600 points. But at the beginning I have created my profile under the CEC. I’m not sure how I have to consider my case. The processing time varies considerably between the two programs. Based on your knowledge, where am I?


As per me, you are PNP… now questions is, are you inland? outside of Canada?

As time varies even more if you are pnp-inland…


Inland :grin:


I should say you are in for a bit of a wait…

Check the averages:

How many CRS points were you getting for CEC? Without PNP nomination?


:tired_face: PNP-inland has the longest waiting!!! :tired_face: My CRS points were 430 without nomination…


oh… you could have tired to get ITA without PNP… maybe improving IELTS… but now, the wait is quite long… all the best.


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Hi dear I had applied for SOWP on 25th August 2017. Do you have any idea by when I will get PPR. Thanks for helping me.