Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation

Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation
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It usually takes 3-6 weeks, in most cases.


Hi Andy, Its been almost a month since I submitted all docs to NSW sponsorship for their nomination approval. I will lose points for age in August. I see in the invite that they asked to email them if we are going to lose points. I know it is still under the 12 week mark (for NSW nomination process time), but do I have to apply for Visa before August and get it approved by DIBP? I would like to email NSW to ask if they can process my application faster. Have you seen any cases like this?


HI…Can you please share how many points did you have ioncluding state nomination? I have submitted my EOI in Jan for recruitment consultant in stream 2 with 65 points exclusing state sponsorship. It would be great if you could share your points.


Thanks Andy. I’ll update on this forum once I get a reply from NSW.


Hi Arundhuti_Das,

I have 75 points.



Thanks for the response Eugene. I am assuming that 75 were you total points with SS. Regards Arundhuti


Hi Arundhuti,

I have 75 points without SS.



Hi…i have applied for Visa 190 …but how do you know if its for stream 2? I have 70 points.


because, some anzsco can only be invited via stream 2.


Hi All, I have 75 points for 190 EOI for VIC and NSW, I started with 65 points (without SS) in Oct 2017, yesterday I updated my PTE scores and my points jumped to 75 (w/o SS). ANZSCO code is 261314, software tester. Please let me know what are the chances


Hi Andy…I have submitted my EOI yesterday for ANZSCO 232414 (Web Designer) for NSW stream 2 with 60+5 points. Do I stand a chance of invite in my nominated occupation. Thanks in advance and best regards.


Hello Andy,

Am new to the Immitracker. Could someone pls explain me how NSW stream 2 works? My Skill - Accountant / External Auditor - both at 70 & 75 (NSW) respectively. Am curious to know if my occupation qualify for stream 2.



You qialify for stream 1, however, you need more points as of now.


Hi, I have got an invite to apply for NSW Nomination for a subclass 190 visa.My score is 70 and the occupation is 223112: Recruitment Consultant.I have applied under stream 2.what are my chances of getting invited to lodge for visa?



Hello Andy, I have applied for SC190 NSW with Web Developer - ANZSCO 261212 yesterday. Total score is 80 (including ss)

Need help in understanding whether I am qualified for Stream 2 or not and what are the chances of getting an invite. Note: my skill is not there in NSW priority list, however, it is there in STSOL. PS: couldn’t find any info related to my skill (web developer) at immi tracker

Appreciate your help!