Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation

Nsw 190 stream 2 occupation
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Hi all. I have applied for nsw 190 visa under stream 2. (Software tester) with 60+5 points on 20th aug 2016 and still no response from nsw. Can anyone please tell me how long it might take and do I stand a chance for a invite.also wanna know if 65 points considered as high ranking. Appreciate ur replies

Sure brother

65 in your profession is a good score. How long no one can confirm.

Thx eddie and khanamzy for a feedback

points breakdown?

Age 25 exp 15 edu 15 spouse 5 state. 5 pte score L7 w7 s7 r6.5

may be its delayed because of your ielts score. try for 7 band in all modules.

Hello, I have 60 points (55+5) and applied for NSW on 28-12-2016 for the occupation: 261112. I have more than 10 yrs of experience with IELTS score 7. I am worried on the chances on getting the invitation. Please advise. thanks

I got invited under stream 2 last week, My eoi goes back to september 2016 (took 4 months to get invited). I had 65+5 points.

Which all states have u applied?

Nsw and waiting for queensland to open

when will queensland open ? how about south australia ? do u have 65 points including 5 points of state ?

South aus needs 70 points or proficient english. yes 65 including state. Goin for one more attempt with pte n hoping for best.according to my knowledge queensland should open in feb.

Hi All, I have applied for NSW SC190 under telecommunications engineer 263311 on 18/06/2016. I got 55 individual points (age+pte+degree). Still I did not get any invitation from DIBP. is there any chance that I'll get an invitation this year? Or with my points can I apply for other states? Your response is highly appreciated. Cheers guys!!

Hi I have applied at nsw stream 2 under 190 with 70 points for organization and methods analyst occupation.How long will it take for the invite to come.

I have applied with 65 + 5/10 To nsw for a school principal profile. What are the chances...

Have you got it mate ?

Are you invited yet mate ?


Hi everyone, I’ve submitted my EOI for 222311 Financial Investment Adviser at 65+5, do you think that’s sufficient? Thanks!


Is NSW giving out invitations yet? Eagerly waiting with 60+5 points for 233211 civil engineer