What is the format of an employment reference letter?

What is the format of an employment reference letter?

Your full name. Ensure that the name on the reference letter matches with the name on your passport. Sometimes employers will refer to you by your common or nickname. Eliminate confusion wherever possible and go with the name in your passport Company’s contact information. This should include the following mandatory information with a few suggestions: - full address (don’t forget postal/zip code, if applicable) - telephone number - e-mail address - website address (my suggestion) stamped with the company’s official seal, if applicable (my suggestion) Signature of your immediate supervisor or personnel officer. People come and go from a business, so if your immediate supervisor no longer works there, have someone sign the letter who knew you and is in a position of authority within the company. Business Card of the person signing the letter. Don’t forget to ensure this is included with the reference letter when you receive it. Obviously you will only need to upload a digital copy of it to the Express Entry portal. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking it is no longer required in our new virtual Express Entry world. Confirm all positions held within the company. In addition to confirming - your various titles, the letter will need to include the following details for each position: - job title + corresponding NOC (my suggestion); - detailed list of duties/responsibilities (see further information below); - job status (if current job); - dates you worked for the company; - number of hours per week; - annual salary; and - benefits, (if applicable).


Hi , I have submitted the employment reference documents from 2 organisations . The certificate from first organisation where I worked for more than 3 years ( satisfying the criteria to allocate me work experience points ) has mentioned me as a FULL TIME employee . However , the certificate from my next organisation where I worked for about 2.5 years only details out my job title with responsibilities and not my working hours . Will there be a problem?


Hi Andy

I have total of 10 Years of work experience. I have already submitted by AOR, however, I am wondering about couple of areas of my application and one of them is reference letter. I am wondering if you can share opinion on my query below:

I had submitted 4 different work reference letters for my last four jobs in last 11+ years. Total Employment period - Apr 2017 to Dec 2018.

For my first job (Apr 2017 to Apr 20193), I had held 3 positions in span of 6 years and those designations and job duties are segregated separately and mentioned properly in that respective reference letter. I had used NOC code as 0601 for this work experience and I guess it means NOC is applicable for 0601 for all of those 3 positions in that single company as well. I think my NoC may be treated differently by CIC for first designation wise stint (April 2007 to Aug 2008). Although, as per opinion this should match as well, but just in case this is not treated in right manner, I am wondering will that of much issue ?

Further, just to let you know that from Apr 2013 till Dec 2018 all the reference letters and job are in perfect shape as they should be. So CRS scoring points of 3+ experience years is still intact, even if above mentioned point is a problem.

Finally, am wondering if I should proactively tell them about this through the webform method or should I wait for their clarification asked to me and then revert to same. I am just bit anxious of application rejection straightway without giving a chance of correction (although, as stated earlier I think I have entered the right NoC code for all my professional work ex). Please guide. Thanks.