Visa Tracker - SC190

Visa Tracker - SC190

Seriously dont understand what the hell is goin on with the grants! Been almost 8 months now and just waiting without any update at all!


Very poor system

I have applied for EOI for NSW state with 65 points on 16th June 2017. I applied for ANZSCO code 261311. How long does it take?

Have they stopped processing 190 Visa? There is not even a single grant updated here in last couple weeks..!!! worrisome :(

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what help is this link off till the time we dont get a grant :(



The processing time for Visa Sub Class 190 has been increased to 11 months - 15 months.


When??? can you please share the link


Hi Andy, I had filed for my PR on 24th April 2017 and the CO contacted me on 2nd May, 2017 for some additional information which I shared with him by end of May. Since then there has been no communication from the Office. Later I came across the above link. I think its just wait and watch scenario right now.


Hi , I have submitted my EOI on 16th August 2017 , Anzco code : 134213 ( Primary Health organisation manager) with 55 Points. I’m waiting for state nomination . I have applied for ACT , but I have received no response so far. How long would it going to take.?


I am not sure if you saw on their web site it says:


However, if you are living overseas and you have close ties (either family or genuine job offer) in Canberra; OR you have completed a PhD at an ACT university, you can still apply for ACT 190 nomination if you meet the criteria.

If you have already submitted an application and paid the service fee before 23 August 2017, the application will be processed in queue order.

CANBERRA RESIDENTS - if you are living in Canberra, you can apply for ACT 190 nomination as soon as you meet the nomination criteria.


Hi, I have submitted EOI with 65+5 for NSW under ICT sales rep. May I know if this profile get invite at all? As I am going through various forum but couldn’t find not even a single positive thing. Appreciate your advise.



I have not seen a single invite under your ANZSCO… but its only possible to migrate with anzsco using the following streams:


hi, any feedback as regards your application, i believe you are presently in Australia. will appreciate a reply


hello @Sonobar_Khalid how did your application turn out.


hi, i am also looking for people applying for 134213