Visa Tracker - SC190

Visa Tracker - SC190

case officer asked for english score, education docs, PCC wife's english and relationship proof. but didn't ask me for work experience. i claimed 2 years work experience 1.5 years from India and 6 months from australia. i submitted all requested docs. after that not a single reply. i am waiting from november. did you claimed any work experience ?

yes i did claim experience points 10 i was asked for evidence of relationship as well. Did you got recently married?

yes, i got married last year in september.

I have lodged my visa applicationon Jan10th and submitted health undertaking form on may16th 2017..Any idea how many more days it take for the grant/

what all documents did you submit Azeeem ?

Hi, What would be the approximate wait period to get a NSW PR visa, job code: 234312, date of application : 12th April 2017, Last update my the immigration department shows 1st May 2017

have u lodged the visa or are waiting for an invite.

have u lodged the visa or are waiting for an invite.

have u lodged the visa or are waiting for an invite.

Hello, I have lodged my application on the 12th of April and CO contacted me for Military certificate on the 12th of May. How long should I expect for the visa to be granted. Thanks.

Hi, I have lodged Visa on 27th April, Co contacted on 9th May 2017 and i submitted all the required documents on 31st May 2017. Now i am waiting for my Visa Grant. Do you guys have any idea how long does it take to get the PR?

Current processing time, mentioned is about 7 months to 13 months for subclass 190. But it was updated on 14th June 2017. Just because of overwhelming application before July 2017. Fingers crossed. Soon everyone will get PR. All the best

I have submitted application in Victoria state for Sponsorship on 5th July 2017. I have valid 457 VISA and currently working in Melbourne but didnt complete professional year. I have 60 points including state sponsorship. How many days it may take to get an invite? Any one can help in this?

Why no status changed in 190 tracker about QLD nomination? Has anyone received 190 EOI invitation from QLD state in ICT occupations?

I lodge my visa on July 4th 2017 ict security specialist with all documents on July 4th 2017 any idea when will the case officer contact come back. Thanks

hello guys any update. I lodge my visa on 15th Nov 2016 case officer requested docs on dec 6th. i have to submit requested documents with in 28 days. but i submitted on 15th January. since then no response. ping me if anyone lodge visa 190 in 2016 and still waiting.

Hello - I lodged my SC 190 visa application for NSW (ICT Security specialist) on June 14th,2017 . CO contacted me on June 21st for medicals and other related documents.Now every thing is done and I am waiting for visa grant.Please post if any one received visa recently.

Anyone know if there is currently a hold of processing 190 visa as it doesn't appear many have been cleared recently?

I have submitted and EOI last April 2017 but I haven't received any correspondence to this date. Has anyone received an invitation for Civil Engineer yet at for NSW SC190?

I heard from many forums, usually July month will have rain of Visa grants! Anyone has clue why there were only 8-10 grants till now in this month!?