Visa Grant Delay 189

Anyone who was CO contacted waiting for their PCC, its been more than 7 days for me and i haven’t received it yet. Can we submit the completion email that we get from AFP instead of the certificate and mark that i have submitted all the requested documents?

Same here, waiting for it for 9 days now, I think it is due to the public holiday in Canberra last Monday.

Yes, it takes a bit more time now a days. Around 10 days for us to get the letter delivered. In addition, you will also see the letter with the heading as “Immigration/Citizenship - Australia” instead of “Complete Disclosure”. We spoke to the AFP customer care and they told us that it is a change that has started happening from Dec 15, 2020. So, though the immi department is asking for “Complete Disclosure” letter, we will get the letter as “Immigration/Citizenship - Australia”. Apparently AFP has informed immi dept about this as well.

Thank you for letting me know this! Hope I can get CO contact before that!!

Hi, thanks for sharing this information. Did you send the form via “Online and​​ enquiry forms” in Global Unit Feedback? I also want to try this way.

did any offshore mate got co contact recently?

hey, did you receive any confirmation in your email that your feedback has been submitted?

Hi Guys,

Recently I was being asked to redo medicals and I did that 3 days ago i.e. Monday. Now my Immi Account Health Assessment status is saying " Examinations ready for assessment " what does that mean ? And how long will that take to show the status " Health Clearance Provided- No action required " ? I will appreciate any help from you guys.

Will not get confirmation email. I submitted global feedback 2 days back and got a generic reply explaining the visa priorities ex; state or government or territories invites , health care, pmsol list etc

I have added a newborn to the application and it was pending to be added since December. Raised a complaint through feedback system 2 days back and they have added.

FYI- not sure its a coincidence or happened due to compliant

yes, they are related…if you submit feedback and something is missing in your application (expired pcc or expired medicals), they will likely contact you and make you believe your application is moving…if everything is there to finalize application, then even submission of feedback doesn’t help

are you offshore or onshore ?..I don’t think it has got anything to do with 2019 applicants, I guess almost all of the applicants from 2020 and 2021 are onshore…I think they are not processing offshore applications (kind of indefinitely suspended) and only processing those few offshore applications which are related to their priority occupations (eg nurses, doctors)

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My husband is main applicant and he is onshore, we both applied onshore, i came to visit my parents to my home country and got stuck here since march, my application was decision ready but still couldn’t get the grant, thats why im curious they only asked for my pk pcc n my husbands job letter again in the second co not even medicals which expired in dec 2020.

Yes, by choosing suggestion rather than complaint. To be polite

Thanks. But I also received their feedback one day after CO contact. The feedback was general response to everyone I guess. Confused.

True, Not sure how long we (2019 applicants) have to wait till the CO contact or grant. They are processing only 2020 onshore applications, plus applications falling within the priority occupation list.

we are like completely ignored by them and they don’t care abt 2019 applications until the whole world vaccinated & whole corona cases become 0, which is like few years from now… till then it’s only onshore … onshore … onshore… damn frustration about it…

Yeah I agree. This is so unfair…

They should start issuing visas to onshore as well by prescribing precautionary steps like mandatory vaccination, quarantine period etc instead of holding until the whole world becomes corona free. Many lives and careers have been effected and not sure when they would realise and come up with alternatives

Many people’s lives are on hold especially people like us who been waiting for nearly 24 months and have no clear vision when will they issue us grant. Ironically they are granting all other offshore visas even student visas. They failed to deliver a fair process.