Visa Grant Delay 189

Yes it was same

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Thanks bro…

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Bro my PCC is taking time, What should i do if i will not able to be submit it in 28 days limit? Please help…

I think just upload the pcc receipt and do not click the I confirm button yet

Hi All,

I applied visa march-2019 190 NSW 261312.

Medical/PCC request on 18-08-2022 and submitted on 29-08-2022.

Any one knows how much time take after medical??

Thank you! Ronak

Hi All

Need your opinion here.

I’m waiting for 190 grant, applied Nov 19. I got CO contact in Aug 2022 for medicals, PCC was already renewed. My question is below.

The new state skills for 22-23 does not have my occupation listed anymore.

Is this going to affect my grant?


45-60 days. I got my grant on the 60th day. Stay tuned

It doesn’t matter if your visa is already lodged

Hi Folks, I don’t have my case on the tracker, but updating my timeline here

Visa Subclass: 189 Invitation received: 10th Feb 2020 Visa Lodged: 20th Feb 2020 Lodged onshore, but stayed offshore due to border closure 1st Co contact: 30th Aug 2022 for medicals Co response: 1st Sep 2022 Visa Grant: 1st Nov 2022 ANZCo: 221111

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Congratulations mate :+1:

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Don’t stress those changes will not affect your visa application.

Thanks guys on your responses and congrats to all those who have received their grants.


Is there any whatsapp group for discussions about 189 people who have lodged applications or in process of lodging ?

Seems like after a whole lot of CO contacts for 190 in Aug, Sept & Oct for applicants from 2019 and 2020, grants have stopped for them. I can see in various groups there have been plenty grants in the past few weeks for applicants who lodged in 2022, onshore.

Apparently COs are going in the opposite direction from what the ministerial direction is, i.e, priority for offshore applicants and processing for all visas in chronological date of lodgement.

Anyone else waiting for grant after CO contact in Aug?

I got CO contact same date as yours.

I saw from immitracker almost everyone from Aug, Sept and Oct are still waiting.

Currently they seem to be processing April/May 2022 in terms of 190, meaning ours might might happen next year since they will be closed for the holidays for a few weeks in Dec/Jan.

By the looks of it, they are working down the list for 2022, next on the list for this year should be June/July 2022 applicants and jumping over to Aug/Sept in January.

Congrats Ronak !! Can you please share your timeline?

I have applied for my friend and they got Visa Grant Nov 24th, 2022. Below are their timelines. Invitation received: 16th July 2019 Visa Applied: 19th July 2019 CO Contact for Medicals, PCC: 15th August 2022 Visa Grant received: 24th Nov 2022

Thank you sharing the timeline with us :slight_smile: All the best!!!

Thank you for sharing the timeline with us :slight_smile: All the best to your friends!!