Visa Grant Delay 189

Are you onshore or offshore?

Hi guys Just spotted 3 189 grants today for people who got co last month. So stay positive :pray:

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2 more so total 5 today so far.


Got my 189 Grant finally :clap::partying_face:

261313 - Software Engineer

Lodged - July 2022 (Status - Received)

First Co Contact - 9th Aug (Initial Assessment)

Medical Clearance - 19th Aug (Status - Further Assessment)

Grant - 16th Sep 2022 (Status - Finalized)

Thank you everyone for all support and Special Thanks to @GurminderSingh for all the positivity here. Everyone will get their grant soon :pray:


Congratulations veena good to see that you got your grant :pray:

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Hi Folks, delighted to share that I have received my 189 Grant!! Timeline below:

Job Code - 224711 Management Consultant

ITA - 11 July 2019

Lodged - 29 July 2019

1st CO Contact (Renew Medicals) - August 2022

Grant!! - 19 Sep 2022

Wishing all of you a speedy grant and a vibrant future in Down under!

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Congratulations Hardeep, When did your status changed to Further Assessment and how many days after that you received Grant. Thank you.

Thanks, it changed to Further Assessment on 22nd Aug and almost a month later I received the Grant on 19th Sep.

Congratulations @Hardeep04 best of luck for your future career :pray:

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Just received my 189 visa grant :pray:


Bro very very congratulations to you brother. its been a long tough journey but I am right now very happy for you. Once again congratulations to you and your family.

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Thank you so much brother. I pray that you also get your grant soon :pray:

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happy for you bro… thanks for the cheering through dark time all they way!! good luck on your next stage

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No worries bro. Thank you so much. What is your application status now?

submitted everything required from co contact and waiting now but im still offshored,things might be differ from yours

I don’t think so that there is any difference in processing of offshore or onshore at the moment.

Will the same case officer grant the visa who contacted for additional information like medicals and afp in my case.! Also, what are the chances they might ask you for more information after the first CO contact?

No. First of all when you get the first co contact the co only ask for documents which are required for further processing so if co ask for meds and pcc that means they have put a green tick against your all other documents and points claimed. Now once you have submitted the meds and pcc then your application will be allocated for further processing which will be picked up by next available case officer. In a rare case you can expect the contact and grant from same case officer. I hope that I have explained well :grin:

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Thanks for your response. Yeah, I understand what you said. It makes sense.

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