Visa Grant Delay 189

Till 26 Feb 2019, most of the 189 visa applicants either got CO contact or direct grant and after that no one got any update. I applied on 27 Feb 2019 and still waiting for update from DHA. :frowning:

This is totally injustice.

190 grants are cmng after 2.5 mnths after lodging the visa and at 60+5 points.

Its just surprising

Hi, I have lodged my visa in first week of January 2019. i got the call from CO in April and then my Job verification done in July. since then, i wasn’t been able to get any response from CO. my portal is under the tag of “Further assessment” But My agent said that there is a hope as his further Business immigration visa have been called by CO. so there is a little lurch in visa processing things. Any new update people?

december and jan applicant also waiting

thanks for your reply what was his status in immi account when co contact him for pay slips employment verification done .

Hi Guys this is my first time posting, I have just added my case too I was up half the night reading through this discussion which both discouraged and encouraged me :slight_smile: MY situation is particularly tricky… I have been married for a year (been together 5 years) and my spouse lives in Africa. He is added to my visa application which I lodged on January 23rd 2019 (2 CO contacts so far), Prior to this visa we had applied for a partner visa that was refused over a a year ago, so its been about 10 months waiting for the Grant. I have full work rights here and I am doing pretty well in my carer but whats bothering me the most is the separation from my husband whom I haven’t seen for months now (my job doesn’t allow me to travel often). we also just received a refusal for a visitors visa we applied for him based on IMMI not convinced he has intentions to return to his home country. SO I am in a VERY frustrating situation. Everything is on hold for this including starting my own family. Being separated from my husband is the worst nightmare I could ever imagine and i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Hi Ahmad, What do you mean by job verification? How is job verification done can you please elaborate on this? Thanks much!

I can understand your pain and situation… Sorry to sound negative and disturbed, it’s just i want to take all out… In desperation, called again today DHA few mins back, yesterday i completed 11 months since lodgement, although i knew she is a call center employee and cannot do anything at all, still I explained how I am feeling and what is the situation, not able to change company, not able to change role within my company (had to say no to promotion recently because the job profile was different and my consultant said if you go for different role than the role for which you have applied PR, it can go against you) , not able to put kid in another school, he is still in play school, and his 1 year will be wasted if I don’t take decision soon ( it takes around 4k Aud admission fee including other charges to put kids in good private school, i can change the school, but if PR comes after a week all that money will be wasted), and she said “can i help you with anything else” :slight_smile: ? I insisted to check my application, waited for 5 mins on hold , still same generic response…so wasted money on international call and 20 minutes…

And strange thing is that, last time when I called, the lady operator said " I can see that case officer had a look to your case few weeks back, and it’s not like they are not working at all" it gave me a hope , but when today i asked them to check that same information like when last time case officer had a look to my case, she said there is no such option available and all best i can see is the last communication CO made with me, nothing else…

The last time I called them, I got a generic response too. I try to sound hopeful and positive. But the wait gets to me. I keep going over things that I could have done differently to avoid this situation I am. Here is me hoping that the next post I post would be that of my grant ! Hang in there my friends

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They are lying. I know when case officer opens an individual file, he or she always try to issue the direct grant, but if something is missing or any document is missing or employment verification required or want any information regarding your documents submitted they will contact you for this and give you 28 days to respond generally and put your file on hold and then your immiaccount status changes accordingly. It is true that they can’t see if the case officer is allocated or not because there is no option to check this. There always give you false hope that case officer allocated and bla bla…


My agent told me that i havent got any co yet because it is still received

They called my HR department to know whether i am working or not.

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I lodged in January, got contacted twice and still waiting.


I have a question, I applied for 189 visa on 10th January 2019, last communication was in July 2019 when they asked me for a police check or at least tentativeness to provide it. I already had got the police check made from Pakistan and submitted it to them and still they asked the question. I called the diac and informed them of it. They said must have been an error. In the request for more information they said it will take 28 days and after that a decision will be taken. I waited and waited nothing happened after 2 or 3 months so last month I went to get the police check from Pakistan embassy and they provided me with a letter that showed I have applied for a police check in Pakistan through melbourne consulate. I submitted that letter to the diac as a show of tentativeness if getting a police check. I still haven’t had any response whatsoever. I don’t know what’s going on. Please advice me?

well you forgot December 2018-Jan 2019 applicants as well

Hi all,

I lodged my application on 15Nov2018. CO contacted on 21Feb2019 for employment documents.

Since then there is no response.

What is the current status of your application at immi-account?

Further assessment. I have submitted two complaints also but there reply was completely generic saying that it depends on individual application.

Has someone got NJL these days… I got it in june 2019…and lodged visa in Aug 2018… Dont know when will get the visa