Visa Grant Delay 189

@Newthi_Mathew hey mate. have you received any co contact? i have same job code and similar date of lodgement as yours. please let me know.

thanks bro

thanks brother

Hi everyone, I’ve been following this thread for some time now and I can finally say that I’ve received the grant, you can see my case on the tracker I’ve updated with all the details. Best of luck to everyone and I pray all of you will get your grants soon, God bless :pray:t5:

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So the Emedical team here in Denmark have agreed to take the additional HIV test on the HAP ID generated for 482 Visa. That would mean my medical would be updated for 189 application as well.

I guess the person at E-medical was not too sure, but was saying as he remembers correctly in addition to chest x-ray and health examination(needed for 485, 482 and many other temporary visas), only HIV test is needed for residency visa… Any comments?

Medical would be updated for 189 as well. Only HIV test is additional to residency visa.

Hi Bro, I got a CO contact to redo medical on 04/03/21 but after that still my grant has not came through. Do you think its normal ?

I think that is correct - i.e., only an additional HIV test (707) would be needed. For medical of 189, I don’t think it would be updated on its own. What you can do is that, once the new medical is cleared, you can take its screenshot from your immiaccount, and create a document with this screenshot and explanation that you took this new medical for 482 and also extended it to be valid for 189 (i.e., you can enlist all tests you took). Then upload this document to your 189 application attachment - i.e., in other document’s category. This will give the required information to the CO. I Hope this helps. … The document can look something like this:

Below mentioned (HAP: 1234567) health examination was completed as a part of my 482 visa application on May 5, 2021. By consulting the medical team, as a part of this medical, I undertook all the tests that are needed for both 482 and 189 visa applications. Following examinations were done as a part aforementioned HAP ID: 1.501 Medical Examination 2.502 Chest X-ray Examination 3.707 HIV Test

The screenshot of ‘immiaccount’ shows that the ‘Health Clearance Provided’. I hope that can meet the medical requirements for my 189 visa application as well whose medical got expired on DATE xx-xx-xx. Alternatively, if the co requires, I would be happy to take a new medical clearance as well. {Attach a screenshot of the new medical here} … upload this pdf file (maybe write as a formal letter with the date) to the attachments of the 189 application as well (maybe you wish to incorporate this through ‘change of circumstances’ form- not sure if it’s possible or not).

My 2 cents.

PS: this is my view only, you may wish to consult with others (or any registered agent) before proceeding head.

Hello Friend No Co contacts nor any movement in my application status. Lodged on 13Aug2019 for Software Engineer and my spouse for Devleloper Programmer. Things will get better when new FY starts and by that time Covid casee in India would be better I believe.

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Thanks a lot, This is exactly what I was planning.

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All the best!!!

Hi Guys,

Finally the long lasting wait is over, happy to share the good news that I am a Permanent Resident of Australia now. Here is my timeline

Invitation Date:- 12/03/20;;;;;09;48 PM AWST Date of Application:12/03/20;;;;;;11:53 PM AWST Attached old medical at the time of PR application Occupation :- Mechanical Engineer Co contact 04/03/21 to redo medical and Afp plus Polio Info provided: 10/03/21 Visa Grant: 06/05/21 Finally

Thanks to all in this group who helped. I will continue my prayers for group members.


congratulations Noman :clap::clap::clap::clap::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Thank you Paa Gee. May you get yours soon.

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Hi everyone!

I would also like to share the news that our family’s PR visa was granted today. **ICT Business Analyst, OFFSHORE applicant - YES OFFSHORE! :slight_smile:
Lodged NOV 2019 There are few CO contacts in our application as I also added a newborn last 2020. I have updated my case in the tracker.

I would like to thank everyone in this forum who helped us in this journey. :slight_smile:

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congratulations to you and family. when was you last co contact? are all the applicants offshore including primary applicant? please shed some light.

The wait is over for me too. My wife and I got our grants today.

ANZSCO: 261313 Points: 90

Timeline: EOI date: 31 Aug 2019, EOI updated: 17 Nov 2019 (Added 5 points for partner’s English, EOI approved: 13 Mar 2020, CO contact: 7 Mar 2021 (Asked for my medical), Updated docs: 17 Mar 2021, AFP updated: 23 Apr 2021 (Our AFP expired on 22 Apr, CO didn’t ask for it but we got it done anyways), Grant: 6 May 2021

It was a long and anxious wait, but it’s over now. This group had been extremely helpful. It will take a while to break the habit of checking this group every day.

Congratulations to others who got today. To all those who are waiting, be positive. Hope you get yours really soon :slight_smile:

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Offshore?really? totally confusion now!

Both my wife and I are onshore.

It is good to see an offshore grant. Hope those who are offshore get theirs too.