Visa Grant Delay 189

Ah I see. thanks.

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Maybe by the end of next year you all people be having grants. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Hi, I did the employment verification back in late 2018, it was very quick back then (i guess it took about a month or 20 days to get the employment verification).

Thanks,by employment verification I see you mean ACS or the accessing body

Home Affairs policy on migration program

In a recent meeting with the home Affairs department the following was advised

  • The skilled migration program will concentrate this program year on onshore applicants in PMSOL occupations

  • The PMSOL will be continually updated and the broader annual review of the skilled occupation lists will be delayed

  • Employer sponsored applicants on the PMSOL will be processed with priority, others may be delayed

  • Priority processing will be given to Partner applications in regional areas

(Source: Migration Institute of Australia)

saw this post on ISCAH fb page.

how do you email CO ? as far as I know, they is no email to reach them

I mean to say as we get S56 request from email, do we need to reply to that email or just click the button in the immiaccount? That was my question.

You can’t email anything to the CO…only communication is via immiaccount and in this case , you need to click the button post uploading required inputs.

So does anyone have any idea when the focus from PMSOL will shift to a broader list? We’re at 5 covid cases on average daily, not a single invitation was sent out, barely ANY grants were given. Literally no sign of “going back to normal after the annual budget is released in october”…

Does anyone have any idea how one is to plan their damn life around this complete obscure, arbitrary, unfair system? Do we just wait silently with all our endeavours on hold “hoping” someone tells us its probably not going to happen in the next year?

I am livid. I would rather be told to not bother waiting so I can move on with my life. This is torture.

It seems this policy will remain until next financial year.

So, better to expect any grant by then.

We’re nearly mid way though.

100% agreed. There’s no transparency in this tilted system. I can live with a rejection, but not this brutal indefinite wait.

We can see the same scenario in all the social media groups. All the lodged applicants are getting frustrated with this never ending agony. No Mara agents or mia never addressed this issue with the government. We lodged petition other than that we couldn’t do anything more. As a suggestion if we can get some media attention same like partner visa got then something might happen.

Could you please share the petition to these other groups to see if they can get some more signatures?

You may need to advise them that only citizens or Permanent residents can sign.

Australian media is strictly anti migration. They will never raise our issue.

They recently changed the processing time to 9-19 months :slightly_frowning_face: It was 5-7 months when I lodged my application back is Aug 2019 :slightly_frowning_face:

It doesn’t really matter the processing times. It varies according to the grant given for the previous month. They aren’t following this I guess

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That’s probably because they might be getting too many calls complaining about the delay. Now they can just advise that the application is within processing time.

Hi mate,

How many points have you acquired?

At the time of invitation it was 80

  • Age 30
  • Study 15
  • Australian study 5
  • Professional year 5
  • PTE 20
  • NAATI 5 but I think points does not priorities the application once it is lodged.

don’t understand why these geniuses can’t let the case officer remain same for an application from start till decision…once CO has asked for further information and applicant provides that, if by god’s grace application gets picked again, its a new CO and its not really “further processing”