Visa Grant Delay 189

You are trying to suggest that the large number of cases that is above 18 months is due to incorrect information. Which is false.

Then you are not reading my messages.

I am clearly saying delay is nothing to do with rejections.

“ Someone asked me Will there be rejections ever for a PR application” I said YES for rejections and gave some possible reasons. “

Oh fair dos my bad.

Yes, exactly.

Last year delay, the regional visa.

This year delay, Covid 19.

Got it.

Your response was confusing.

What is the effectively suspended processing ?

Seriously… read the news.

Good news! After 14 months waiting. We got the grant finally✌️. Lodgement July 2019. All police check and medical check done after lodgement.

234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist. Primary applicant is onshore while secondary applicant is offshore. Got CO contact once in April 2020 and then received the commencement email. Then no contact at all. Direct grant in September 2020. Hopefully, this gives some hope to those secondary applicants in the application who are offshore. But I am not sure whether this grant is related to the job title or not because the primary applicant now has a job as a healthcare worker in Aus.

Anyway, thanks for this forum and hope u guys can get your golden email soon.

Cheers and good luck.

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This is a ray of hope for me, As I’m stuck offshore, we both applied onshore and my husband is onshore currently, applied nov 2019 business analyst still haven’t heard from them not even a co contact yet. May we too get blessed soon with the PR.

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Congrats on your grant and thanks for sharing it with us.

It definitely gives hopes to people in similar circumstances, so greatly appreciated you’re sharing these details.

It’s very likely that your occupation was a positive factor, but it’s good to know that It was granted even though your partner is offshore.

Could you please tell us what is the first entry condition for him given this circumstances?

What was the commencement letter you received for?

Why Did CO contact you ?

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Unless the occupation you’ve applied for is a COVID priority occupation, I wouldn’t have high hopes.

Wish someone puts in their brains that if border closure is preventing them on deciding applications, they can just grant/refuse as the case may be but not allow entry to new PRs from covid non-priority occupation categories…their entry can be as per border open dates or be conveyed later, something of that sort…just wondering can we all use the feedback form to give this suggestion ?

If this were true, they would have tried to make it look like they were still open for business by processing all the onshore and NZ stream applications so that they could point to all the grants and keep filling up the quota without actually inviting anyone. But they aren’t. They’ve probably retasked most of their officers to processing travel exemption applications though.

That is what feedback forms are for, however the Department does not have the power to change the rules of the game, they only follow them. You have to suggest it to the Minister for Immigration.

My partner’s first entry date should be before September 2021. So the duration can be as long as one year. I think the commencement email is just an auto reply once your application has been picked. But I can’t see any changes in my immiaccount. After receiving the commencement email, my status was still “received “ until I got the grant this week. The CO contact was just a general interview and they have not asked for any additional documents. So I think this CO contact depends on the case. Hope this information could help.

Hope you could hear something good very soon.

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My occupation is not in those 17 priorities so I think it depends. Can still have some hope. :smile:

Many thanks Karen.

General interview? I haven’t heard about this kind of contact before.

How did it work?..what was it about?..

Did you have to go to see them for the interview?

Just a phone interview so I think it was case by case.

Hi guys…my status updated to …“initial assessment” today…pcc medicals are demanded