Visa Grant Delay 189

BVA have same work rights as that of your current Visa. If you current visa allows you to work, then you should be able on BVA as well.

You should check your BVA acknowledgment. If it doesn’t have any work restrictions, you should be fine. Some BVA has work limitations.

Nope ( not yet). I am an offshore applicant.

Thanks, my BVA says no condition

Hope you aware of the BVA conditions, the BVA will be active only when your current visa expires(457/482 etc), if we leave the job and if employer update the department that the employee has left the organisation, the visa will be cancelled and it will not expire. please correct me if I am wrong and ignore if you are aware of it.

I know it’s really annoying to wait for the 189 visa. The process is lengthy, and the wait is extraordinary. Maybe you are eligible for the Global Talent Visa. I write about my experience with the Global Talent Visa at, helping prospective candidates submit their applications.

Correct, we can only leave 60 days before current visa expires…as after 60 days BVA will active. 60 days job search time is already available in 457.

We have already paid fees for 189.

Latest news after EOFY. It seems to affect skill select only.

Anyone knows if this will affect the ones who already hv 189 invites but just waiting for CO contact and grant?

So frustrating is the wait.

No answer for that. There is an article where Labor MP Julian Hill addressing partner visa suggested this may be happening because of the pandemic subsides in place as he said “to kick start migration after the pandemic subsides”.

The response from DHA had been they are still processing visas, but this was before the EOFY 2020.

This is the article.

Guys…may be I am not correct. I am writing this information after confirming from one of the reputed migration agent ISCAH

I am on 482 visa currently, and it will get expire on 10th July. I had submitted my 189 application last year and I was provided a Bridging visa A (with no conditions). 11th July onwards, my bridging visa will become active and I am free to work with any of the employer. This bridging visa was given to me on behalf of 189 application, thus 482 conditions will not be imposed on this visa

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BV is equally powerful as 189 except travel restrictions on BVA.

That’s right. Once your current visa finishes, you will be able to work full time. On your bva acknowledgement, it will say the active date and if you have any conditions. If not, you are able to work full time.

Hi all,

Just wanted to know when its a good time to complain about processing time? I applied 189 on 17 July 2019(Onshore) and did my Medical on 24 July 2019 and after that I have received no reply at all (almost a year now). I know current processing time is 9 to 14 months but after a few days Medical will expire and you keep getting stuck in a loop. Thank you.

I am on same boat. Applied on 18th July 2019 and no correspondence till date. My police checks are already expired and medicals will be expired on 20th July.

The problem is processing time keeps changing monthly. There are people who lodged applications onshore before you did and still waiting. Processing time seems to indicate the waiting period for the visas granted as per previous month recorded. So, it gives an idea how much time It can take, but doesn’t necessarily indicate the processing time that applies to future cases or the ones waiting for a grant. As you are probably aware there are applications lodged this year that have already been granted and no for health occupations. So, there is no time frame for you to complain as the general response for those who have done it in the past, you can see it in this forum around the end of last year, has been it depends on cases complexity and now covid-19 exemptions could be included as another reason.

Hi there!! There are a few of us who applied in 2018 and still waiting for the grant. I didn’t receive any request from the CO either. Hang in there!! Since you are an onshore applicant, your grant is probably around the corner :slight_smile: Complaining to DHA, in my opinion, does very little. They have a standard response that they send out to everyone. But if you feel it will bring you some relief, please use the feedback form on the DHA website and express your concern. Good luck :slight_smile:

The current unique situation is affecting everybody’s life in different ways and some affected groups are starting to raise their concerns such as international students and government seems to be listening and responding to their claims. It’s actually allowing some of them located overseas to enter the country. In the case of many onshore applicants who have been waiting for over a year, this uncertainty on processing time is become problematic, given documents may start expiring and delaying further the process.I found that is possible to raise issues to parliament through your MP. Have you ever heard about this?..Would you think this will be effective?..could this be an option to raise this delay affecting many of us?..As of the end of April, there was a backlog of about 5,500 cases, including primary and secondary applicants, also offshore applicants, for visa 189 point test stream.

Happy to hear your views on this.