Visa Grant Delay 189

just randomly posted it thinking it will help me ?

Take expert advice on above group

Any new grant?

My Health Check and PTE scores expire in June. After the CO contact, my case is still in further assessment since Feb 6th. Anyone in the same boat who can help me on what should be done next? With the current covid situation, I am not sure if I will be able to get an appointment for either.

With my understanding, you don’t have to attempt the PTE or go for skills assessment again once you get ITA. They can, however, ask for Health Check and PCC which will be available in due course.

Any idea if any visa will be granted for offshore applicants before Sep 2020 ?

Thank you Hardeep!

Not sure, Rita. The borders seems to be closed for 2020 and since DHA will have to align themselves with that, seems 2021 is when they will open it for offshore - keeping my fingers crossed though!

I see this when I log into my immiaccount now : Some delays to visa processing due to COVID-19

Some visa processing times have been affected and applications may take longer to finalise. As a priority, the Department is processing visa applications for travellers who are exempt from our travel restrictions to support urgent travel.

My processing time increased from 12 months to “13 to 14 months”. Damn endless wait. Here people applying in January 2020 are getting PRs.

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I know!! This is frustrating!! Anyway I am past the 14 months too …God knows when it will come through for me!

Hi did u got pr

Hi Guys,

Applying as a mechnical engineer, initially applied in Jan 2019, revised with increased points in april 2019 and again in Jan this year and once last week with increase in points. Got 85 points for mechanical engineer, i guess the maximum i can get. when do you think i will get response from CO, its been long and frustrating and i have not got any response from them except 2 years back for experience verification.

Hi Arun Kumar, Hope all is well there, did you recieve any news from DHA for your EOI? How many points do you have? have applied with a Partner? Thanks

Hi Guys, I want to know whether DHA considers the Date of Initial EOI or the date for last EOI? What should i consider as the waiting time? Your input would be useful to me in this regard as i have a lot on hands, it will certainly help me plan better. Thanks

Any offshore grant ? Any news ??

Oh my god, i put this on sept 2019. Just got a notification as you replied. Almost forgot that I applied for 189. Its been 15 months since i lodged my application on feb 2019! I was frustrated in those months (sept till even december) and even raised complaint with DHA. But standard reply that only 90% of applications within 12 months. Now i just left it. Just saw my immi account. It still shows received! i guess there is no hope for next 6 months. lets see… anyways i am busy with few other things that i’m keeping myself away from PR matters. May be in June/July 2021 if i get it is ok for me. But this is atrocious. Not even a CO contact for 15 months

I totally can feel your pain. Been waiting since sep 2018. Got co contact to do medical and PC again in March 2020 , submitted both in April . And guess what ? Still waiting ,

@Arunkumar_oops @infoZ I can understand your frustration as well, I am onshore on bridging visa. Applied March 19, lets hope we all get our grants after 1 July.

Any grant -offshore,onshore?