Visa Grant Delay 189

I think occupation demand and scores If visa tracker would have points score column then we could be able to know the pattern

Well I think, all the march april etc. cases have been picked up… Demand and eoi points might be a criteria… But alas DHA sidelines many applications as well, for additional security, background and health checks. Thats where delays are caused for some applicants, while others get the grants, sooner. I applied with 85 point on 11 june 2019. A guy with the same point score who applied in Nov 2019 under same Anzsco code has already got the grant. I am still waiting.

What is your Anzsco code? Did you get any CO contact?

No, I did not get any CO contact. Anzsco code 242111.

Quite interesting story actually. I applied for 485 visa on 21 May 2019 and 189 on 11 June 2019. On 13 june 2019 I got CO contact for 485 application, asking to submit a detailed C.V. with all previous employments and details of tasks performed. After that 485 application went in “further processing”, still the same. When I asked sa temporary visa team, is the delay in 485 because of 189, as it has been 8 months now and for 485 applications maximum time for 90% cases is 4 months. They said “still security, health and background checks are being performed and I will hear back soon regarding my 485 application”. They did not comment on 189… Cheers

Hello Mohsen sorry to hear that. I read the other day about the refusal and there is a specific court in Australia that deals with these kind of stuff. You can represent yourself or hire a lawyer specialized in this. There will be one judge and if (s)he is convinced that the refusal was baseless, (s)he can send the case back to DHA and they cannot use the same excuse to refuse the visa again. Read here for more info:

Be careful, you have just a few weeks to object…

Best of luck…

Any grants reported today?

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Its a super dry day…nothing on 189 since the last 2 days :frowning:

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One onshore grant within 1 mnth time frame

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Grants seem to have slowed down. Or maybe its just the ones on this database.

2nd Co contact for health undertaking for my son

Lodged 9 Mar 2019 Co contact Dec 17 ,2019 for spouse English and medical exam for son Replied on Jan 23,2018 - provided all. Cleared medical exam 2nd Co contact - sign a health undertaking for kid. They say to submit for 815 , and I need to do a follow-up health check-up in Australia within 4 weeks of arrival.

Is this a good news? Will it take a long time again

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They ask for form 815 if they see something not satisfactory with the medical test results. You just need to sign, upload and wait. I have been asked the same form, signed uploaded on the same day and waiting since 3 months. Not every case takes long time, your’s might be sooner. Its just another CO contact, nothing to worry or be happy :slight_smile:

In the same boat!

Why are they leaving few application untouched from March and giving grants to april and may applicants. I dont understand the logic

I dont mind them (dept.) giving grants to April, May or even Dec '19 applicants. I am happy for them (applicants). But I dont understand, what on earth is stopping them (dept.) to process the remaining applicants prior to Mar '19 who doesn’t have any pending docs to upload!

I have stopped doing all analysis. People who lodged in Jan’2020 are now getting grants. Looks like it’s just the few of us who lodged before Mar’19 have these hard checks happening around our applications, that’s why no CO contacts even. It just breaks my heart every day but still haven’t lost hope.

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Exactly my point!

Have uploaded every single document & they are contacting latest applications who have missing docs ! I don’t understand there process at all.

Do they go by points, anzsco code, or what ?

Also, I am too about the people who are getting grants (no grudges)

I believe processing is done in cycles. Current cycle is for March and April 2019. When they have bandwidth they will revisit pending applications.

Sometimes, I wonder, people with many years of Work Experience and multiple Secondary Applicants are getting grants (even lodgement date is later than mine), however, I didn’t even receive any CO Contact till date with a very straight forward and basic application. In my understanding, my docs would never take 11 months+ to verify. These days, I am very frustrated to see all these things!

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Guys, Do not lose hope… today, lot of pending March applications got grant and mainly one applicant from 2017 got grant today…


waiting since Jan 2019 with no contact no grant this wait is like you are climbing a mountain.

Any chances of March 31st applications being picked up this week? Appreciate your inputs on this… :slight_smile: