Visa Grant Delay 189

hello all, one thing i need to know, if i change my role/job profile within same company i.e. from technical role of computer network and system engineer to non technical project manager and my roles and responsibilities changes totally, will this impact anything? do i need to update Department about this ?? is this something problematic and can go negative for my application? should i not change the role at this point ?

Hi Praveen, you are correct except for the age thing. Everyone’s freaking out because it seems to be like re-application process. Medical must be renewed, IELTS/PTE as well once expired, and even the Police Clearance certificates. And many other documents might become void within the extension (11- 22 months) period.

Let’s hope that it might not happen.

i just talked to my consultant and they said Department considers ielts score valid for 3 years…below is the link


Hi, I lodged in dec 2018 and scores updated in Feb. CO contacted and all medicals done. Now changed to 11- 22 months. I dont think they will make IELTS/PTE an issue as they will consider when it was lodged than when visa is awarded. If you look at some cut offs recently like 80 and all it looks like some failed miscreants are populating the system with higher points and making others life problematic. Its just a feeling though!!

You will get there mate dont worry. Keep calm and wait for your time

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any comments on this please, i got this opportunity today and not sure whether to go for it or not.

They are giving grants in other categories 190 and 489 but what is the issue with 189 ? Why ? (frustrated voice)

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hi…someone named grgml has replied to the above question in the past…im copying the information here:

" probably 189 visa will be a rare occurrence soon because the Australian government does not want the immigrants to wander freely inside the country. they expect the immigrant to go to the states that they are really needed. that is why people in 190 visa are getting approvals and we are waiting…

people with 189 visa will be special ones :upside_down_face: but obviously they will approve them not as fast as state nominated ones. that is why the waiting duration are longer for 189 now. they will distribute us over 2 years and give less invitation for 189 (i.e approve one 189 visa for every ten 190 visa approved and invite only 100 people every month)…" hope the explanation was helpful.

thanks ajay, but atleast can we be sure that those who have already paid fees and waiting since long , atleast they will be granted the visa. if they want people not to move freely under 189, why they are even giving single new invite under 189, they should stop it there, but should not trouble life of one’s who has already done everything…

Hi Parveen,

you are asking the questions which we all ( all the applicants who lodged 189 visa, paid fee and been waiting for more than 7 months ) have. unfortunately, all we have are educated and logical guesses and no clear cut answers. if i have to take a logical guess on why the DHA is still inviting candidates for 189 visa …let me thing out loud… please be informed that the current cut off score for 189, lets say software engineer/analyst programmer/developer is 85 points. which is very high and out of reach for most of the applicants, also, the number of invites have been drastically reduced from 1500’s to 100 from couple of months, so this tells us that 189 will be a bit rare in the coming days and most of the applicants will take a detour and chose the 190 path. also, please note that processing times for 190 is 9 to 10 months where as , processing times for 189 are , well, 11 months to 22 months. only the exceptional people who can get 85-90 points will be invited and apply for 189 and will be processed in 11 to 22 months and the great thing about this is that they will know that their application will be processed in 11 to 22 months and unlike us ( we initially thought that our applications will be processed in 5-6 months) so, at least they will be in a better position in terms of planning.

The last grant as of now for 189 is on August 1st according to this forum…we can’t be sure whether the data could be accurate, may be there are folks out there who are receiving 189 grants while we are chatting here in this forum…we could never know…so we need to hang tight and wait for our turn. cheers mate! Aj

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The CO may ask for medical and/ or PCC again. But, the other stuffs like IELTS and age factor freezes on the date of your invitation . IELTS and age validity are upto the time one gets the invitation.

So relax! But at the same time, we should be mentally prepared for PCC/ medicals once again .


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thanks, cheers !!!

thanks Rati

As per an agent’s publication, DHA just released around 2500 new invitations. No one knows how they will process 189 applications right now. Just bless they can start granting old applications !!! Hope all March applications will be green soon!!!

yeah thats what i wanted to say

Hi all, it’s reassuring to see we are not the only ones waiting & not hearing anything about our application, but the delay is so frustrating for us all, so just wanted to add our story too.

We submitted our EOI for Developer Programmer 261312 with 75 points on January 24th & got invite on February 11th. Our application was lodged through our agent on February 27th.

7 1/2 months later & we’ve still not received any contact or updates. We added our PCC’s early July & got our medicals done July 31st so in the hope we’ll get to go straight for direct grant rather than delays from CO requesting them.

I read in a post further up about contacting the DOHA for status updates on the application, does anyone know how we would do that please? Is there an email address / number we can contact?

Fingers crossed we all get our visa’s granted soon.x

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Hey, I haven’t tried it myself yet, but if I was going to contact the department about my application I would use these contact details

I’ll take a look at the link. Thanks

From ISCAH website:

October 11th, 2019

Unofficial Skill Select results (189 visa) for the 11th October invitation round

DHA had a 189 skill select round last night and it looks like the numbers were an improvement to around 1000-1500 invitations

Hopefully this is as a result of a looming shortfall in the Skilled migration Program which we wrote about here (…)

This is a good news folk, with this amount of invitations, I believe they need to get back to 189 visa approvals soon…


Yeah, hope they will back to 189 approvals.