Visa Grant Delay 189

184 days no CO contact status still recieved i know we gotta wait but its sooo hard … but it will all be worth it in the end!!! good luck everyone waiting lets hope things start moving soon😰

Cannot see your case here. What category have you lodged in?

I am pretty much in the same Boat, ICT business analyst Lodgement date 27th december 2018, CO contact 1st May 2019 replied to CO on 21st May 2019, and since then still waiting. Hopefully hear something sooner.


i dont have my case uploaded im a defacto on my boyfriends visa … but hes a electrician were from ireland we lived in oz for 6 and half years came home to ireland two years ago hate it now trying to get PR to get nk over … got invitation in feb applied 10th of march medicals uploaded 10th april since then noting .

Hopefully before November

Just read it from ISCAH News site

“Our best guess is that with around 18000 visa applications (including family members) already lodged and undecided from the 2018/19 financial year, there is no need for DHA to issue many invites for a few months

DHA have a budget target of 18,625 grants less 2000 for NZ citizens. DHA have a backlog of 18000 cases. To reduce this to 10000 (so processing remains at 7 months average) we believe DHA will only want 9000 new applicants.”

This can mean that, there might be some good news for those who’ve already lodged a 189. However, the ones who are still struggling to get an invite, might have to hold tighter!


ohh ok…let’s hope for the best!

ICT security specialist lodgment date 11 December 2018 with 70 points medical interview queries everything was done till may 2019 but still waiting to date.

Hi all…i hv seen many cases as their current status is INACTIVE while all the cases were active 2 days back…cant figure out why is it so…

Hi bro i lodged in feb 2019 and got a query to do medicals on may 6th done medicals by may 15 till now i did not get any reply from co or grant still waiting …

It’s because their case has not been updated for more than 68 days. They must have have received a reminder mail to activate their case again.

Guys… The Global Processing Times were increased to from 8 to 9 months? Cannot believe it…

Hi Rohith, when you said “got a query to do medicals on May 6th”, that means you got CO contact after you lodged? Thanks

Yes i lodged in feb got query in may my medicals expired so asked to submit again

My situation is same. I have applied 189 on April 10, and there is no update yet.

same here , applied 189 on March 20th, still waiting.

Hello Guys,

Half of Sep is over and the conditions seems to be worse as compared to Aug. No grant till date.This is really frustrating me now.Has any one contacted the immigration team or has anyone completed 8 to 9 months from the time visa was applied so that that person can contact or lodge a complaint against DOha.

In November 11 i will raise the complaint, once i have 8 months… Of course if the processing times don’t change.

As you have said Priya, really frustrating…

Can’t see your case here. What category have you applied?

Hello! I have applied offshore for the 189 Visa (75 Pts) as a Mechanical Engineer.

The application acknowledgement was on March 9, 2019.