Should I mention that I've been refused visa previously?

Yes. If you try to hide that you had been refused a visa previously, you may be refused and banned from Canada based on the following grounds: misrepresentation, which includes providing false information or withholding information directly related to decisions made under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

Please I need a clarification on this. I applied for a family visa to the USA in year Jan 2015 but we weren’t granted due to insufficient proofs;though not cleared and issued a blue form. I alone re-applied few days after with the intention to give birth at the USA but I wasnot granted agsin. I applied last month for a training and was granted. My husband applied too few weeks ago for a training and he was granted. My question is that, in the e-PR form, do we say YES/NO when being asked if we have been refused a visa previously? I’m confused if we will say YES or NO. Pls clarify. Thanks

You put yes, explain as you did above and adding exact reasons for refusal, possibly attaching refusal letters.

I made a silly mistake on my Schedule A- Background/Declaration Form when I was applying to the SINP-EE some days ago. I mistakenly ticked a “NO” for the question on “whether I have been refused visitor or temporary resident visa to Canada or any other country”. The correct answer is a YES as I have previously gotten a refusal for a UK tourist visa in 2013. I inadvertently clicked NO because I didn’t understand the question properly.

I’m thinking of scanning and resending the corrected forms to them at their address with an explanation as I do not intentionally want to leave out any information.

Having submitted my application now some 2 days ago, Do you think they will oblige me?

Kindly advice me on how I can best possibly go about this before SINP starts working the Oct 2017 application batch.


If I have applied for QSC previously and do not know the status, do i have to mention it in my application for NSNP?

i have received my ID number last month but yet to receive nomination and it is about 2 months now from application date. Should I be worried?

I think you should be fine as long as you notify them of incorrect answers.

Yes. You have to.

Re- the second question. I am not sure, see the tracker and see how nsnp is progressing.

Any update on this did this effect your application ?

It should not, as far as i am aware.

However, if you lie, yes you can get in troubles.


I have a similar situation and realised the mistake i made 7 months into the application. I have raise a web form requesting for the correction and also attached a LOE explaining this happened inadvertently.

Do you think they will consider as my request for correction considering the final decision is not yet made and my checks are in progress as showing on the IRCC website.