Proof Of Funds Question

Dear All/Experts,

I have submitted my PR application on 06-Jan-2018. My account met the requirement of POF. It has been a month and this is my running bank account, and lots of thing can happen. I will try explain.

When I submit my file my account was showing 24000 CAD. This money stayed there for a while and then account started to run as it usually do.

As this is my running account and I had to pay fees, living and bills etc with this account, and this slightly went down like to 23,000. Lets says POF requirement is now 23,181 and it went down to 22800 or 22000. Hardly 500-1000 CAD variation. Then I sold something and put it back to above POF requirement. Right now the POF required money is there in my account.

Will this be acceptable? I mean whenever or if they ask again for statement, the money will sure be there, but will show these minor variation, slightly go down and then back. But at last whenever they ask, the money they required will be there.

I will not be waiting for them to ask for statement and then put the money back, I know when it is going down and I am recovering it fast to be back above POF requirement. Will it work this way?


As i know, you are required to show average balance for 6 months at the time of filing. It is very rare that an applicant being asked again for POF. However, in this case you can furnish a new statement with required POF. So all in all you should be safe.

Thank you Andy for being helpful. I have a new statement with required POF. I do not know if I can submit it again? Or I will just keep it ready if they ask again.


Hi Andy,

I will give you my history before this new question. First, I graduated from Pakistan, it was BCS(3 year) program, then I applied for BSc Honor program in UK and there I completed my graduation 4 years. So, 3 years in Pakistan and 1 year in UK. I got BSc 4 year Degree from UK. I did not write that 3 year program in my PR application and EE profile. In fact I just did not mentioned it any where in my case. I got nomination from OINP. My ECA says 4 year Grad from UK.

Is it ok? Or you think I should contact CIC to update them about it? If yes, then how can I update them? any good advise please?


I am not sure how did you assess your degree? You should have mentioned it to WES? Why didn’t you mention it in the first place?

Well, it is a credit transfer thing. When you get your educational credit transferred from one uni to other and then there you complete rest of your course. My Degree is now BS.c Honor (4 Years) from UK. The degree I was doing here in PAK was 3 years bachelor (which is considered to be incomplete in UK because for them the graduation is a 4 year course. Now, I can not mention 2 Graduations and this is why now I mention only one degree which is BS.c from UK. It is like the Uni in UK have exempt my 3 years for their 4 years grad. I think I should have mentioned it in my Personal History, but people are saying I should just wait and see. That 3 years degree is irrelevant because I am claiming no points for it.

I hope I cleared it more now?

Any advise?


I guess you have transcripts from university in Pakistan? Did you send them to WES? Because, these credits contributed to your final degree? And you showed in your application that you studies:

2000-2003 Pakistan uni (example) - contributed to a degree in the UK 2003-2004 British uni (example) - Degree awarded

is that like that?

In this case i assume that should be fine, but be transparent as much as possible, if you are still concerned, put a LOE

Thank you so much for replying. Best wishes for you Andy.

Yes I had three years transcript in Pakistan, which was sent to UK when I got admission there. Now my final Transcript from UK, shows all 4 years data. WES did not asked me about 3 years in Pak. I think this will be ok, because if there was a problem WES should have asked me about it, and my R10 check is completed, I am NA2. I think if federal would have some concern then they would have asked about it.

I think my educational credentials are all checked because I am at NA2? am I correct? People says it is done, and if you send something to them now, it will delay a process. If they have problem they will send ADR.


I would agree with you, as your transcripts were transferred then all gonna be good :slight_smile:

I would assume so re-NA2.

Keep us posted.

Thank you Andy, I will just sit tight and pray for my case.

Thanks for your time and help. May God Bless you!!

Hi Andy,

Hope you are fine, I was checking about GCMS notes, can I get it any time with regards to my case? I am outside Canada. Can I still get it via

OR is it too early for asking about GCMS notes? it has been 49 days since my AOR.


Sure, you can order from myimmitracker, yes.

I would say wait another 10-20 days… maybe you get PPR by that time :slight_smile:

Thank you Andy, I will wait for it then. And, how long will it take to get GCMS notes? and total charges? and procedure? please!


its $20 USD, on average 45 days.

Please follow this links, instructions are there:

Good luck

Thank you Andy

Hey Andy,

Today I saw a change in my Application for BG check. Background check We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.

I think it is IP2 stage. but my eligibility requirement is still being reviewed. When this eligibility requirement will be completed? or it will remain as is?

How many days to PPR from IP2 stage?


It seems to be, however, a lot of people got it last night, it maybe a glitch.

A glitch? I hope it would have been PPR email Glitch ;)… well I am waiting for it to change back if it was a glitch.

Thanks Andy

It would necessarily change back, they might have updated their statuses and it will be the new status till you get PPR.

Thank you Andy, I wish to have PPR soon. Praying hard. Thanks for your help every time.