Offshore Visa Grants

Bro these days passport office dispatches PCC by speed post?? however last year I went to the office in person

In February this year I applied for PCC. They sent me via normal post. It took a month for whole process.

Do you have any data on processing of applications in financial year 2021-2022??

Can u explain what the PCC is…is it police character certificate?

I have recently lodged a foi week for obtaining this information. Will get results in 2-3 weeks. I will share it here as soon I get it.

Yes you are right.

Thanks, i will wait for this information. I thought they did not start grant for offshore as well as onshore till yet. I think they are waiting for december. Because they do not want to provide the benefits that are automatically revoked from Jan 2022.

Yes i am having same thought.