How long does SC190 visa takes to get processed?

With given situation of COVID-19, things are not moving at expected pace. You might need to wait a bit more. I knew of people who had been waiting for over one year with same points. It depends on many factors which no one knew of. All that I mean to say is, 7 months wait is still fine, nothing to worry about. I myself have been for almost 11 months. And, not all will receive assessment commencement email. I haven’t got one but got a CO contact after 6 months of lodgement.

Hi, i applied on 21st Nov 2019 for South Australia but so far no response has been received.

Hi Zainab,

I can see some people who lodged in January 2020 for SA subclass 190 have received their grants this April.

Hi Peter,

Yeah. this is really strange from the authorities. Dont know how they work?

Today the processing time is shown 7 to 9 months. Earlier it was 10 to 11 months.

Dear friends - I am an offshore applicant and will have 95points as ICT Business Analyst (with 15point for exp & 20point for English) by May2020.

Do you think - I can expect to get an invite from VIC (190) during 2020 or by Mar2021? Any insights would be very helpful.

Due to age criteria - 5points will be down by Apr21 and I’m left with no alternate plans for AU.

Cheers, Pradeep

Let’s hope that the travel ban will be expired in July or Aug, then the offshore applicant can get the grant.:yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:

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Its better you contact some migration agent (try to concat one in Australia via email) because they have better sight about points required to get invitation for any occupation/state. As an alternate, you can see EOI 189 or 190 page of this site to check for how much points Business analysts got invites recently, for any state you are interested in. I found people with 90 points got invitation in Sept, Oct 2019 for 189 In this category, people with 75 points also got invitation from VIC state

Hope it helps

We have a telegram group for 190 visa delays for offshore candidates.

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or seach using qldgrant keyword.

It has dropped down to 5 to 7 months now

I have applied in July, CO contacted in December, still waiting

Only 7-8 visas have been granted under 190 category in last 2-3 months. Is it going to move like this??

Processing time is 5 to 6 months now, my application is in received status from Dec’19, I thought I will at least get some update from helpline, but as usual there is none, they think we are fools, after explaining my situation the person did not request for any information like reference number to check the status but asked me to wait and I asked that you never asked for any information to check then how will you verify(this is the second time it is happening) , still I was asked to wait then a standard response, I interrupted and asked I am worried about my application as there is no status change and fall under 10% category whos application is not processed and I asked am I not having any option other than waiting, response was yes you have to wait for the communication from department there is no other option, helpline will only be able to see what we can see in immi account.

P. S my wait is not huge compared many other applicaticants here, but :frowning_face:

As a matter of fact, helpline really doesn’t have control over application status. They are there to help if you have queries regarding your documentation and other general queries which people normally do have. Queries like, if you have uploaded a document and you are not sure if it reached department despite you checking in your imm account, then they would be able to assist you by asking your details, check your application and confirm if the document has been reached them, that’s it. Other general inquires related to bridging visas, work rights etc will be addressed too but not the Status of the application and how long will it take to Finalize. Even, Global feedback unit will not be to address questions related to status and timelines. So, all that I see to Wait Wait Wait and once the processing time is doubled (Eg, if current processing time is 5-6 months, then doubled time is 12 months and not 10 months), raise a complaint to GFU, you will get a generic answer and then raise a complaint in Ombudsman (they require a formal complaint to be raised with GFU before coming to them).


Those who are unable to join the previous group can be a part of this group. It has many aspirants like us and an expert on immigration. Please join and clear your doubts.

Im also waiting since Nov 2019. Status still received. Offshore.

Waiting since, Jan 2020. No updates yet

Im also waiting since Nov 2019. Status still received. Offshore.