How long does SC190 visa takes to get processed?

Please refer to the analytics section of Visa Tracker Sc190:

Hello, Lets make this as a forum to discuss the 190 grant processing times and stories.

Im in too…

@SSGN, what is ur current status.

From last 30 Visa 190 grants, average days for Direct grant looks to be around 220 days and if there is a CO contact then add another 60 days.

Hello Mate,

Filed in April 22nd for NSW, no update yet


Visa processing has moved to march and many applications are being granted, which filed on March end.

@SSGN, Nowadays, the amount of state invitation from NSW is very less. I assume that from July 2019, the no of invitation for 190 from NSW is below 100 and from oct is has gone down further to below 50

it is not fair on us who have been waiting for over 8 months for the visa and people who have only applied a few months ago and even November applicants are getting direct grant. There’s no place to call or make any sort of contact with the immigration office. This is just outrageous. On top of everything the case officers keep asking for documents that are already provided!

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Hi Guys, I’ve applied for NSW with 85 points in new points scoring system for my occupation Computer network and system engineer. What are my chances of getting an invitation?

That’s right. It’s 9 months for me. I also received the “assessment commencement” email with the CO’s name in mid Nov, after 7 months. haven’t heard anything from them. It’s ridiculous and unjustifiable. How do they choose the cases? How do they grand the visas? Just really annoying.

hi guys , any one received grant status for oct or nov

Yes 15 from the month of October and 5 from November. But not me, still waiting.

Thanks , they are too too slow in processing visas , lodged in nov , don’t know when i get the same

lets keep this group active and understand the pattern of 190 visas , i just saw the 189 group , where all members are very active , eventually we know we will get our desired results , lets support each other

still waiting, applied 2nd april. co contacted on nov 5 and i responded on the 6th. it is quite frustrating to see grants for aug-nov applicants, where as we are left hanging without any justification.

i can understand your frustration, this is actually very irritating, hope u get the good news asap

thank you. i hope you get yours too. im not mad because people are getting grants earlier than me . it is just that there is absolutely zero transparency from dha regarding how our applications are handled.

Yeah, lets keep this group active. As said by someone in other group, DHA seems to be working on grant only on Thursdays (either 189 or 190 will get grants, nearly 15 count as per immi tracker), just observation as per immi tracker trend and on a lighter note :blush:. In 2020, its 189 game rather than 190. I have lodged my application on May 29, 2019 and been contacted by CO on Nov 28, been asked to sign a health undertaking for my kids. As per Visa analysts and from my close friends, VISA is granted immediately or in a matter on time on signing health undertaking, but am waiting since almost 2 months.