How long does SC190 visa takes to get processed?

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It has dropped down to 5 to 7 months now

I have applied in July, CO contacted in December, still waiting

Only 7-8 visas have been granted under 190 category in last 2-3 months. Is it going to move like this??

Processing time is 5 to 6 months now, my application is in received status from Dec’19, I thought I will at least get some update from helpline, but as usual there is none, they think we are fools, after explaining my situation the person did not request for any information like reference number to check the status but asked me to wait and I asked that you never asked for any information to check then how will you verify(this is the second time it is happening) , still I was asked to wait then a standard response, I interrupted and asked I am worried about my application as there is no status change and fall under 10% category whos application is not processed and I asked am I not having any option other than waiting, response was yes you have to wait for the communication from department there is no other option, helpline will only be able to see what we can see in immi account.

P. S my wait is not huge compared many other applicaticants here, but :frowning_face:

As a matter of fact, helpline really doesn’t have control over application status. They are there to help if you have queries regarding your documentation and other general queries which people normally do have. Queries like, if you have uploaded a document and you are not sure if it reached department despite you checking in your imm account, then they would be able to assist you by asking your details, check your application and confirm if the document has been reached them, that’s it. Other general inquires related to bridging visas, work rights etc will be addressed too but not the Status of the application and how long will it take to Finalize. Even, Global feedback unit will not be to address questions related to status and timelines. So, all that I see to Wait Wait Wait and once the processing time is doubled (Eg, if current processing time is 5-6 months, then doubled time is 12 months and not 10 months), raise a complaint to GFU, you will get a generic answer and then raise a complaint in Ombudsman (they require a formal complaint to be raised with GFU before coming to them).


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Im also waiting since Nov 2019. Status still received. Offshore.

Waiting since, Jan 2020. No updates yet

Im also waiting since Nov 2019. Status still received. Offshore.

Hi fellow aspirants,

I am an onshore applicant. I filed for EOI in Aug 2019 with 90 points and got invite in sep 2019. I filed the application in OCT 2019 with all the documents and health check done. Its been almost 11 months and it still says application RECEIVED. I haven’t received assessment commenced email nor has the CO contacted me. Any one in the same situation?

The processing time has changed from 6-9 months tp 9-12 months and its now 5-7 months.

Some people who filed in Nov, Dec’19 Jan-April 2020 have got grants.

We all are in same boat, I applied on November 2nd 2019 but still haven’t received any information. It’s time for us to start thinking about putting a petition. Otherwise all this documents will expire and have to start from the beginning.

Me too, lodged NSW-190 On November 2019 ,wait grant for 10 months and count. We have no choice but waiting.Try to enjoy it whether you like it or not. It is better to forget it for now that could make us better.

See in this immitracker itself people are planning to put some petition. For me my wife is another place and I am onshore. We tried excemption but not successful. At some point I will be forced to move to some other country if this continues. This is like total wastage of time and money. We understand the current situation but my cousin who applied 491 2 weeks before got visa granted. So they are neglecting us. You can write to the MP so they can take it to the dept.

I applied December 2019; still in received status. No CO contact. I’m onshore.

I actually got asked to do jury duty back at home (and it’s super mandatory) and the Department today gave ZERO help - all they said was their script “you fall within the 10% of applications, we can’t advise on internal procedures” blah blah blah. Nothing in terms of wanting to help. Because of COVID I can’t leave the country without risking not coming back. Plus I go on a BVA in a few weeks (but I’d have to apply for a BVB separately).

Keep on being patient, everybody. I know it’s frustrating but our time will come.

Thats true. We can wait but what about the documents validity. It costs money to do eveything again. I think 90% applications stay in that 10% window(more than 5-7 months). The same answer for everyone, wait. Why have they mentioned 5-7 months processing time(90% applications) when they are actually not doing it that way.

Which state have you applied from?

Well i applied from WA last November. Try emailing your local senator about it, might they can help us. By October my medical and PCC will be expiring. It such a pain to get all these again. Btw which state are you from?

WA. Developer. Ur occupation?

Same here developer/programmer. When did u applied?