Delay of grant 189

I applied for 189 ICT security specialist with 70 points in December 2018,medical was done in January. I got interview call in may and few qieries were responded afterwards. Everyone is saying u need to wait till the completion of time frame that is of 8-11 months :sob:. What should i expect? What’s the reason of delay?

Hi Mate,

I am in the same boat. It’s been 7 months now, and continue to wait for the grant. Some people i have come across say department has resource crunch and they do not have enough people to process 189 while 489/regional is their priority at the moment.

No clue of what is going to happen and when.


… and hence, i doubt there have been any grants in IT since June/July.

I got query in may 2019 to do medicals done in 1 week no reply till now… any one with same query

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