190 visa with 60 points

190 visa with 60 points
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Any idea guys on 190 visa , with 60 points for software engineer. I see the points have come down and now, even 189 is at 65. Hopefully, in next couple of months, 60 points will be accepted too. Please comment if my assumption is wrong.


To be honest, i don’t see such scenario, last time 60 pointers were invited in early 2016… and the backlog for 65 pointers is until April 2017.

Try to improve the IELTS…


Hi Andy,

Thanks for a quick reply. When you say the backlog for 65 points is until April, 2017, what the source you have. Also, for 190 will VIC or NSW invite for 60 pointers. If you have any source, please share. I see, now these two are also inviting 65 pointers.


please see official results:

2613 Software and Applications Programmers 65 08/04/2017 10.41 pm


I see small (like really small) for NSW and Vic. With 60 points its tough.


Hi everyone , i`ve submitted my EOI for 233212 Geotechnical engineering for NSW with 55+5 points on 19/09/2017… how long it would takes to ger an invitation ?


I can see a number of people are waiting with 55+5, so its a bit hard to say when… you have a chance though.


Thanks for your quick respond, is there any further information about geotechnical engineers which have been invited in the new NSW invitation rounds? I wonder if you could help me in order to now my position among others and make a prediction . i want to decide whether to upgrade my IELTS score or waiting for invitation.

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your anzsco is very rare.

NSW does not have rounds as such.

What is your points breakdown?

The fact is with such rare anzsco you should have chance anyhow (subject to ANZSCO being in SOL)


My point Breakdown: 30 for age i`m 31. 15 for my education. i hold master degree on geotechnical engineering from group 1 university 10 for work experience, i have 7 years of work experience

my IELTS scores: R:7,5 L:6,5 S: 6,5 W:6 overall :6,5


Your anzsco is rare… therefore you do have a chance if any state is inviting such anzsco.


I am new to this forum, I have submitted EOI with 65 points for 189 and 70 points for 190 (NSW/VIC) for code 261313 on Nov 24 2017. Can anyone please give me hint on what would be the expected waiting time for me to get ITA for 189 or 190

Thanks Shrikant


for SC189 it you may need to wait a long time… 4-6 or even more months.

I believe you have better chance with sc190 VIC or NSW.


Hi dear andy ., Unfortunately after 4 months i didn’t get an invitation from NSW , do i need to improve my IELTS or still there is a chance for me to get an invitation with current scores . Due to my rare ANZSCO i have expected to get invitation sooner . Thanks for four help


Improving your IELTS does not necessarily guarantee the invitation, but certainly will improve your chances.


Hi Andy… we applied for 190 visa Victoria in aug, received invitation nd paid nd submitted documents on 16th sept. Then case officer contacted us on oct23rd nd we submitted requested docs on 8th nov. But we have jus 65 points. Will that affect our grant? Your reply will be helpful. Thanks



No it wont.

you are withing normal processing timelines, so i would suggest just to wait patiently.


MHi dear andy , unfortunately it’s been 5 months since my EOI submition , and still there’s nothing in the pucket for me … and also there’s few cases just like my case in the tracker and i’m extremely confused in this regard … i’ve talked to my lawyer and he thinks i would get the invitation soon due to my anzsco (233212) which is rare , also, he thinks i’m quite unlucky… there is some invitations with 55+5 for NSW , such as electricians … i’m getting disappointed … i have decieded to attend another IELTS exam on 21th apr. is there any chance remains for me in this situation and scores? Sorry for bothering you all the time but it’s extremely vital for me to know my position Finally, i would like to inquire if any body with the same anzsco has got and invitation these days?

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I would suggest you not to wait and do the PTE (instead of IELTS) and then your chances are way higher. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kindness


Dear Andy, I have 55 points(IELTS 6 band, civil engineering masters degree, 5 years of job experience) if I go for state sponsorship of NSW then what are my chances of successful migration? I am also planning to take IELTS or PTE soon if I can get 10 more points then what are my chances for success? Awaiting for your kind response Thank-you.