190 visa with 60 points

190 visa with 60 points
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Hello Andy,

I have 65 points for 190 Visa (NSW) and my Code is 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer). Any idea about the process time for the above code.


60+5? Non inevitable at this stage.


Hi Andy, I have applied on 26th September 2017, 65 points 189 visa and 70 points for 190 (Vic and NSW). Mechanical Engineer. What are my chances for invite in both categories.


Yes 60+5…I will take my PTE again and see if I can get any points… Any other chances of getting…


Dear Andy, I have applied for NSW with 60+5 points on Sept 2017 for 261312 (Developer Programmer). Age - 25, Edu - 15, Exp - 10, PTE - 10, SS - 5 Though I have 12+ years of experience, 6 years have deducted due to skilled occupation. Will NSW be able to see all my 12 years experience and consider for processing, or will they be able to notice only the skilled experience. In that case, could you please tell me how long will it take time for processing? Already 6 months gone.


All years will be considered for invitation purposes.


Did you get your visa? I have applied for PR visa for 189 and 190. I have total 60 points for 189 and 60+5 for 190 and my anzoco code is 2613. Is there any chance I will get my PR visa. Eoi submitted on 5 March 2018


Hi Andy,

I lodged my EOI 60+5 for 190 NSW on 5th of March (272511 social worker). What are my chances of getting an invitation?



Hi dear andy I have improved PTE and now i have 70+5 for 190 vidsa on 233212 geotechnical engineering … and 70 for 189 … when should i expect an invitation ?


Dear friends i have recieved my invitation on 17 oct 2018 after 24 days of my eoi update . With 70+5 on geotechnical engineering…