190 NSW Invitations After Immigration Regulation Changes on 16th November 2019


Does anyone get an invitation after 16th November for 190 Visa from NSW? Or any idea of when they will invite?

I was wondering about the same thing too. Looks like no 190 NSW invitation yet for November 2019?

@chadchad yes. Seems so. :expressionless:

it’s the 30th of nov already and still no invites :frowning:

Seems like they have issued invites yesterday. I received the invitation yesterday 29th Nov around 4PM AEDT.

How much points have you attained and in which skillset

Me too. Same day and same time!

me too, received an invitation last friday :slight_smile:

Under which occuption u got invited mate?

Software Engineer 261313

Did any of you get your approvals?

how many points you are having @lightningThunder

Can someone also mention number of points and skill they got the invitation for…

85 points without state sponsorship.

thanks @lightningThunder… any idea what are chances of victoria 261313 with 75 points including state points

State sponsorship cannot be predicted easily. You can try to ask your question here and see if you could get an answer.

Hi @lightningThunder,

After Nov 2019 changes, Is it possible to receive 190 NSW PR for role 261313 Software Engineer with 85 points(including state sponsorship)? Please reply

It’s really hard to predict state invites. Given that DHA has still not issuing many invites, the competition may be higher for 190 as well. Also, there are additional criteria for one to be eligible for 190 in NSW. Hope you have completed those.

Hi @lightningThunder, Yes, I have scored 79 each in all of the PTE sections. Also I have completed my one year in NSW. And I am currently living in Sydney NSW. One more question brother, I am in shared accommodation, how can I prove my one year stay in NSW?

Your tenancy agreement, utility bills, tax assessments, Pay slips, TFN/ABN will have addresses on them. That should be enough I guess. (I am submitting the same for my visa application anyways)