190 NSW Invitations After Immigration Regulation Changes on 16th November 2019

Documents that @swapnil5137 mentioned should be enough. If they need more documents they will contact you.

Hi, I have updated my EOI in Dec 19 to update the points : which is 85 for 190, including state sponsorship(5 extra point). Though I had submitted EOI in march 19, but after getting 20 points in English. I had updated the EOI in December for 190 NSW visa. Please help me with the estimate time, when should I expect the invite where my EOI got updated in Dec 19 for software engineer, I have total of 85 points with state sponsorship. Thanks a lot for information.

It is really hard to predict state invitation timelines or chances. It all depends on the number of invites NSW issue. However, there have been cases invited which had 85 points without state sponsorship (90 points total) which had mid November DOEs. As there has not been an invitation round in December, there may be some EOIs stacked for this months round So you may be able to make a guess after seeing January invitation round.

Hey, did you receive your nomination yet…???

Had anyone received invitation yet.??? For 29th nov round…???

Yes, I have received the final invite on 7th Jan.

What was your occupation and how many points you were on…??

@chadchad Could you please provide us some more details.

  1. Occupation
  2. Lodgement Date
  3. Points

@lightningThunder I have same 85+5 as of 16 Nov 19 in software engineer profession (With partner english score) for NSW 190 visa . I have update my country of residency from India to Australia NSW which I have given wrong earlier by end of Nov 19. Is there any other check by which NSW checks that I am in NSW ( apart from experience list where we specify that I work in Aus NSW (I have NSW 5 yrs experience with recent one more than a year) and country of residency). I didn’t get invite. Any idea.

Could any one tell did they get invite post Nov’19 invite for software engineer profession ?

I believe you have to put a residential address as well. This address should be a NSW one.

Thanks for your response. Yes I have updated state and postcode which is just below country of residency in EOI. Any idea why I haven’t got the invite yet, is there any other check or verification I have to do in EOI.

Have you got your Invitation yet for Nov 29 round.

Not sure why. I have no idea how they pick EOIs to invite. I believe that your EOI may not have come up in to their sorting because you haven’t updated the country of residency. You may have to wait till the next round.