Why isn't there a tracker for Sponsoring Dependent children to Canada?

Would the administrators add such tracker for us? we really need to know how long do such applications take and if the age of the child affects the process.

We would be happy to create one, can you please provide what columns are required?

in the following format i.e.

Data of submission Date of receipt Status PPR received etc etc etc etc

We will action it ASAP.


Thank you Andy, I am not sure of the full list since our application hasnt been completed yet, however I can provide the below:

Child age Submittion date Office of submission Application status Confirmation of receipt date Application processing start date Medical request date Medical submission date Local Visa office location Additional Documents requested Additional documents sumission date Biometrics requested Biometrics submission date Passport request date Passport submission date Passports returned date Landing date

If anyone would like to adjust it based on their experience please go ahead.

Thank you alot, much appreciated!

I will add that shortly.

Hello Andy, Was this tracker added in Immitracker, if so please provide the link to refer and join the tracker. Thank you