Whether to go with 190 nsw invite or wait for 189

Whether to go with 190 nsw invite or wait for 189
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Hi Everyone, Need help. I am with 70 points for subclass 189 ANZCODE 261313 submitted EOI on 23.01.18 and with 75 points for subclass 190 ANZCODE 261313. I Logged EOI for Victoria and NSW On 23.02.18. I got invite for NSW on 02.03,18. So, is it better to go with NSW or should I wait for 189. Is there any chance with 70 points in 189. If yes how many days? Thank You.


Hi Fatima, First of all congrats for the Pre-invitation from the NSW state, and regarding your question : should you wait for Subclass 189 or not,

As per the current Trend, I think it will be better if you apply for the state sponsor, and the reply from the state will take roughly 20 days and after that you have 60 days to submit the case, If you receive the 189 invitation before those 70 days you can have two option 189/190 otherwise you won’t lose the state sponsorship.


Thanks. Yes, was planning same. Applying for NSW and meanwhile waiting for 189.


I would go with NSW, its better than waiting for uknown.


hi i wd like to ask you,

  1. for claiming points of 8 yrs of employment how many payslips should i add?
  2. provident fund certificates for that tenure can do?
  3. how they verify the employment? thanks



I have a similar situation of same ANZCODE and points. My 189 application is still waiting invite for more than 3 months…190 for NSW got invite in less tahn 1 month and they approved the pre-invite within 10 days. Now my final application has been lodged around 40 days back and am waiting for grant. I would suggest go for 190 NSW. 70 point days are over…you will never get an invite for 70 points for 189.

  1. 1 Each quarter.
  2. As an extra
  3. Call, in person or email.


Hi if possible plz share complete process. I am new bird to this. Just thought came n register. Plz help me too