What are the processing times for PNP during Covid - May 2021

Hi All,

Would like to check on the processing times of PNP applications during Covid. I can give my context and let me know if anyone in this group has a similar story. Would like to hear the experiences and stories.

Here is the (my) timeline

  • Received SINP ITA in May 2020 and submitted documents
  • SINP approved my application and received the ITA from IRCC in Aug 2020
  • Submitted my documents - Received Acknowledgment of Receipt in Aug 2020
  • Request for Biometrics - Sep 2020 - Since the VFS offices were closed, submitted the biometrics in Mar 2021
  • The current status on my account says, application is in progress

The questions I have

  • What is the timeline to process the PNP application during the covid times. It says 6 months on the website and it is more than 9 months. I should also say, it has been two months since I gave the biometrics. Are the applications kept on hold till they receive all the info or will they process the rest of the application while waiting for biometrics?
  • Where are the PNP applications processed. In Canada or outside of it. There are lockdowns in many countries now. Will the lockdown affect the processing times further?
  • How are the applications processed in general. Will PNPs get processed faster given that the province would have already done the due diligence before they approve it

Your responses are appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Application processing delays for PNP have been disrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic. Delays are typical, despite the website’s claim of a 6 month processing period. Applications may be delayed until all necessary data, including biometric data, is obtained. Applications are often processed both inside and outside of Canada through a number of processes. Processing delays might potentially be impacted even more by the lockdowns caused by the epidemic in many nations. However, because of the province’s earlier evaluation, PNPs can still obtain priority processing. It is significant to note that particular processing times might vary case-by-case, thus it is advised to examine official government sources or get in touch with IRCC for the most precise and recent information.