Waiting for PPr Aor July 18

Waiting for PPr Aor July 18
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Aor: 5 july 2018 Med passed: 19 july 18 Background: NA changed to same mgs ( in progress once we start we will inform you ) After that Background: changed from so called ip1 to we are processing your background check If need more info we ll call you ( didn’t find any update of NA2 direct jump on to again so called ip2 ) on 23 oct 18 Now the question is when shall I except the ghost mail And with your analysis’s experience of any or (fsw stream india ) what is my current status in accordance with any of your’s experiences?

Or else they are following the criteria of 6 months of time period for processing the file. Plz share those who are on the same boat heading Towards canada (just before)in the middle of Atlantic Ocean.