Visa still not received even after 8 months :(

I logged my visa application on 18th April 2018. The CO emailed me on 24August 2018 asking me to attach all necessary documents which I obliged on 30th August 2018.

After that, no contact from CO. Now its been past processing time (7-8months), still havent heard from her. CO name is Amanda.

I called Dept of Home affairs enquiring about my case and checking the status of my file but all they say is 90% get processed in the processing times. I asked if I was missing any documents because I havent heard back from CO but they said that it looks alright.

Now I’m stressing out as people who submitted their applications in SEPT have received their GRANT and I haven’t.

It’s very frustrating because they aren’t telling me if I’m missing any documents or If there are any issues with the application?

Hi, have you received the grant now ? or still awaiting ? If you have got, then when did you get one ? Actually, I am also in the same boat. Also, You have applied under which ANZSCO code ?

HI @iou_09

So sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating and stressful the waiting period can be.

Yes, I did receive my 189 visa after 9 months of wait.

I applied under 261311 - Analyst programmer.

I think it depends where your file is sent for processing. The Adelaide office has a faster processing time compared to the Sydney office. (I found this through other threads on this site)

I think max processing time is 9 months. Until then, I recommend you double check the documents that you’ve uploaded and see if anything else is missing

Good luck and hopefully you’ll hear the good news soon.


Good to know that you have been granted your visa now… I was contacted by Adelaide office only, and it’s been more than 6 months already. Let’s See…

Good Luck !!

Hi I am in the same boat Applied August 2018 Received Immi commence Assessment Email on Dec 2018 and Case officer has contacted on 22 March 2019 to submit AFP again… And still waiting Hope to get grant soon

Hi all,

I am very frustrated at the moment. I submitted my application on 10th January and still haven’t received the decision. It’s in further assessment category 189 visa. Don’t know what will happen. Can anyone help?

For some processing time may take well longer than for others, don’t loose hope mate!

What is you lodgment date and nationality?

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Hi Andy please check :slight_smile:

Hi Andy it’s 10th January 2019 and nationality is Pakistani!

you onshore or offshore


After asking for police check they are sleeping

they are sleeping mode