Visa grant time after employment verification

Visa grant time after employment verification

Hi..does anybody have an idea about the time taken for visa grant once employment verification has been done?

My employment verification was done with current employer on 24th May 2017. Still waiting.


Hi did u get any reply after employer verification?? If yes then in how much time??


As per my observations, it does usually take 2-5 months after EV to get a grant.


I had a physical verification before week… So I will get any reply after 2-5 months??? This much long wait???


Hey Mate! i have not received any communication from DIBP after verification.


Hi guys. May I ask, how do you know that the DIBP has already made an employment verification? Did you learn it from colleagues in your previous company that a verification is made? I have lodge my application last June 22 and I received a request from my CO 20 days after asking for a PCC only. I have no feedback after that. And sometimes I don’t understand how they award a grant so fast to somebody 13 days after lodging a visa application.


The only ways to find out EV are:

  • From your HR/Colleagues
  • FROM DIBP (but in negative scenario).

The grant decision is dependant on many factors:

  • Completeness of your application
  • Nationality
  • Onshore/Offshore


so some get it quicker, while other longer.

In your case, you did not submit PCC - so CO have given you 28 days… otherwise he might have given a grant, if PCC was uploaded.

Hope this helps.


Still no reply??? Ur verification done before 3 months right???


Hi Andy. I haven’t had any feedback from my previous HR/colleagues so i guess they probably haven’t even started my employment verification yet. Thank you for your response. Cheers!


@kim_sakura4u I have lodge my visa application almost 3 months back. My 1st CO contact ask me only for a PCC. Since that time I have no idea if they have started my employment verification.


guys less than 10% of all applicants get EV… chances are you may never have it


@Andy-MyImmiTracker Thats good to hear… :smiley:


Yes mate!!! Its more than three months… Whats ur case?


I recently had physical verification from dibp… In last week of August but still no news. My status is assessment in progress…


@kim_sakura4u can you brief about physical verification. How did that happened and were you also there at the time of this verification.

Did the officer met with you too ??