Visa Grant Delay 189

Finally!!! Over 3 years waiting !!! Thank you all for supporting each other during darkest time Especially giving huge thanks to GurminderSingh, bro thanks all the postive energy you’ve brought to this page. Mine is 189 civil Engineering (April 2019)and I am still offshore, wish this will help. For everyone who is still waiting, be patient guys, you will get it eventually Good luck!

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Hello All,

I lodged my Visa application almost 3 years back in April 2020. Recently, I have noted that the applicants who lodged their visa application got their CO assigned in Oct 2022 and now getting their grants. I didn’t receive CO contact OR any requirement from the department. Still my file status is showing “Received” in immi account.

I tried to call on the number mentioned in homeaffairs website in Global Service Center section. But didn’t get any answer on my file status.

It is very disappointing to see that people getting grants who lodged with/just after us and my file/life got stuck with no update. Anybody who can suggest any information that to whom I can contact or mail or do something to find out till when I will be kept waiting.


@tonymingyi Huge congratulations brother. Wish you a brightest future :blush:

@Jolly_5 if you scroll up until you see the posts from early last year you will see other people with similar situation as yours. So waiting patiently is the only option. Nothing will prioritise your application even if it is older than others. Sooner or later you will have your grant so just stay positive. All of us been through same time.

OK…!! Thanks @GurminderSingh. There is a difference between last year and current situation. Last year there was a whole lot of people waiting for progress in their application. Currently, I am accompanied by hardly 6-7 people(In my social networking groups) waiting for the progress in our application. All others got CO contact/Visa. Because of which, I am afraid about my application and negative things about it come in mind.

There is no other option apart from doing what you replied.

Again, thanks for your response @GurminderSingh . It means a lot to me. Your words bring relief. Soon I will share positive progress about my application.

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If your application status is on “received” it means that the case officer haven’t even looked into your application yet and it is still in the queue and will be processed according to the minister’s directions and priority order set by them. When the case officer will open your application then the status will change to initial assessment. There is no option to prioritise your application also there is nothing to worry about if you have proofs of all points claimed. I know it is a very hard time because most of us have been through such time. Just stay positive and live your normal life until the case officer contacts you :pray:

Ok @GurminderSingh . Thank You for your valuable words and time.

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189 applied here in Oct 6th invitation. Still no grant :confused: anybody else on same page?

Guys i got the ITA lasy month. After completing paid the visa fees around 1 month back. Any idea of the next process and the time for grant

i got mine last week, you might get yours soon. all the best!

If it is ok can you pls tell me how much time it took after completion of health check…

113 days from lodgement date, I completed health check before I lodged my visa

Hi Jolly,

What is your update now? Did you receive a CO contact or Grant yet?

I am pretty much in the same boat. I lodged in April 2019, and haven’t received a grant yet. I received CO contact to redo PCC and health assessment, but nothing post that. It seems ridiculous that the file is ready for a grant, and I still have to wait for months, at the end of which the PCC or health assessment expires. I went through that spiral once, and will probably happen again.

Hi Hrishikesh…!!

Sorry for late reply. No update yet. File status is still Received. No CO Contact. Nothing.

I am tired of checking my immi account. I think only 10% of us left from pre covid lot. I don’t think they even care about us. It is frustrating to see that people are getting outcomes within 6 months and we are kept hanging since 2019-20.

Please tell when did you get last CO contact??

Hi Jolly,

I received the below CO contacts yet:

  1. First CO contact on 9-Aug-2022 to redo medicals and PCC. We were expecting a child so we deferred my wife’s Chest X-ray
  2. Second CO contact on 25-Nov-2022 as an acknowledgment to add child and for my health undertaking for an underlying condition. We completed my wife’s chest X-ray and our baby daughter’s medicals in Feb-2023
  3. Third CO contact on 23-Mar-2023 for me to redo my medicals (which I don’t understand why as it had not been a year since the last medicals. Could be because of my underlying health condition)
  4. Fourth CO contact on 20-Apr-2023 to sign health undertaking (which is ridiculous as I had already signed the same health undertaking before)

Haven’t heard since. If we don’t hear by August, then our PCC and wife’s medicals will have expired, and they will ask to do this again. By the time we do this, my medicals will have expired. We will be stuck in a perpetual loop!

There was a time when going to Australia was our dream. However, it has been too long now and we have grown into the community and career-wise here in India. Also, our entire childbirth experience - from the medical system, doctors, and family support has been wonderful. We’re now seeing a lot of merit in NOT settling abroad. We have come to a point where we don’t care anymore about the PR

Hi Hrishikesh…!!

Yes you are about to have quite a perpetual loop. But I am SURE you will receive a grant before that. Because unlike me, your file is just A GRANT away… Already you have provided all the documents they may ask.

In my case, my wife’s medical is not done yet. And my agent tells me to wait till the case officer himself demands for the same.

We also have grown career-wise here so the outcome will not make any major impact to our lives. Just that, we want an outcome of our efforts and money we have invested. How much wait we have to do…!!!

It’s really strange that you haven’t received any CO contact yet. Most agents are good for nothing and have the habit of talking like broken records. Ask them if they have any other case this old still waiting for the first CO contact. I bet they don’t. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anything else that you can do than wait.

Fully agree with you that we need closure after having spent time, money and a lot of emotions into this process.

Yes brother. @Hrishikesh_Deshpand1 You said it correct.

I finally received my grant after 4 years, 2 months, and 8 days!

Lodgement date: 29-Apr-2019 4 CO Contacts: 9 Aug-22, 25-Nov-22, 23-Mar-23, 20-Apr-23 Skill: Mechanical Engineering Location: Offshore

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Many Many Congratulations Hrishikesh…!!

All the best for your future endeavors.