VIC ANZSCO 261314 (Software Tester)


Has anyone got EOI invites for ANZSCO 261314 (Software Tester) who have applied after July-1st onwards?

Many thanks

Hi Kiran, I have applied for VIC and NSW, 190 sub class with 65 points (without ss), I had applied in 18-Oct-2017. No EOI till now. Yesterday I gave PTE exam and scored additional 10 points in English, now my points are 75 without SS. I suggest you to go for IELTS or PTE again and increase your scores there if possible.

Hi Srini, Many thanks for the response. Can you please let me know what’s the score you’ve got from PTE? Also would highly appreciate if you can share your ideas & thoughts of your test preparation that contributed to a better score to my email : Many thanks once again. ~Kiran

Hi, I had applied for 261314 with 75 points for VIC on 10th Oct and i had not received my invitation yet. Do you have any idea how much time it will take ?

Can all of you drop me your email id’s Trying to create a whatsapp group.

Hi Yash,

Can you let me know your email id please.

Hi Kiran, Can you please let me know was the invite being sent to you, have same kind of points as you.