VAC2 paid.. 6th Week but still no update

VAC2 paid.. 6th Week but still no update
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@ahmad my whatsapp number is +6289607517206 If someone has add you into group, please add me as well.. my phone can't connect your whatsapp as I don't know your country code.. @amir I can't contact CO directly because I'm using agent.. My agent is reluctant to send email and just told me to wait.

Added you both. Anyone else who wants to join, ping me at +6597810974

hey guys i have also paid vac2 on 9th June and waiting since then :)

hey guys i have also paid vac2 on 9th June and waiting since then :)

@ikhans, please ping me to bring you onboard our whatsapp group

hi there is anyone got grant after paying VAC2 recently as I made payment on 16th June and still waiting thanks

Not yet..

Anyone knows usually when we will receive 2nd vac invoice? CO asked for spouse English or pay 2nd vac, I emailed them back that I want to pay 2nd vac but till now I haven't received invoice.

Time frame not sure when you will receive the invoice, hopefully soon.

amir i can't ping from your number, can you add me to whatsapp group. i also paid vac2 lately waiting for grant. +90 - 549596 -71 - 17


Hello everyone! I had paid my VAC2 in the end of May then I got PCC renewal request. Now waiting… still nothing…

Has anyone got grant after VAC2 payment?


@odaman a couple of us got grants after VAC2. The grants process has just started, so please be a bit more patient and you’ll get it. Stay blessed.


Requested for vac2 invoice nearly 5weeks ago, still haven’t got it. Contacted co for a few times for it, no reply at all. Anyone got the same issue???


Two days after I request to pay the VAC2, CO responded me with the invoice and payment instructions. But I haven’t got any response since making the payment.


When did u get the co contacted you? I got mine early august but haven’t even got vac invoice.


hey mates, any one received the grant recently after paying the VAC2? if yes how long did it take to get the grant after paying and submitting the proof in immi account? i got the invoice a week ago and paid the same day, so i just want to have an idea about how long should i expect the grant. thanks for your reply


Hello everybody! Didi anyone from this topic received the grant already? Guys before past July who were waiting for some time, did you received it? If yes, after how many months? I am at the same situation as most of you… waited 50 days just to receive the invoice to be paid, and there are another 50 days since I paid and still nothing… the payment is registered in my immi account correctly but until now… nothing! VAC 2 was the only information required by CO. My process is taking 130 days by now wich 100 were only related to VAC2!!! Please if anybody can, give me and others in the same situation some hope with your time line regarding VAC2! Thanks


Was asked to provide evidence of competent English for spouse when have already stated “No” for Functional English in the application. Replied I will pay the VAC 2 amount and requested an invoice.

Going by the posts here I am probably looking at another 4 months plus wait :frowning:


Paid my 2nd VAC 32 days ago and still waiting for the golden emails…


I also paid my 2VAC on 6th April, 39 days no reply . I don’t know how much time . My PCC and Medical will expire on 22nd June 2018, do I need to resubmit ?. I am worried,

Heloo dear