URGENT HELP NEEDED! Salary Paid in cash but CO asks for third party documents

URGENT HELP NEEDED! Salary Paid in cash but CO asks for third party documents

Hi All,

I have got a CO contact today (3-April-2019) for providing third party documents for employment proof for my first company (from 2010-20111). In that company I was paid my salary as cash in hand and there was no PF and tax deduction. Since I wasn’t under tax slab, I did not file my ITR also for year 2010 and 2011.

What should I do? Can I submit an affidavit from employer stating that I was paid in cash without PF deduction ? Someone has any template for such affidavit?

CO Request Details:

Evidence of employment

Position: Software Engineer Employer name: XXX Date from: 01/04/2010 Date to: 13/06/2011

Please also provide additional evidence including but not limited to; Bank statements showing payment of salaries into personal bank accounts; Taxation Documents; Monthly social security payments (EPF Contributions) for employees.

NB: I still have 75 points (which I claimed), if they remove this experience from my total experience (I should have done that in EOI and Visa application). Is there anything that I can request them to no to consider this experince …like that by providing any self declaration?



Hi, If you have not filed the ITR, what other documents did you submit as a proof of employment?


Declaration from company as my salary was paid in cash + I have all exp,releiving,letters from company


Usually salary slips + reference letters + offer letter + termination letter would be sufficient. If your salary was not in the taxable bracket, then it is not illegal if you have not done ITR filing. Cash payment should be mentioned in the salary slip.