Urgent advise for 189 visa application

I have a query. I am the primary applicant and my husband is the secondary applicant. I was onshore when I got the invitation but I had to go offshore due to some personal reasons. I provided Australian and Indian pcc in 2019 and the Case officer first contacted me in March 2020 asking for additional information. I provided those information and the case officer contacted me again yesterday asking me to do medicals and fill personal particulars for character assessment. In my husbands case, we provided Indian, Oman and Qatar PCC in 2019. But the case officer has requested for police clearance certificates in his case.

  1. Do I need to apply for renewed Australian and Indian PCC clearance though they haven’t asked for the same in my case?

  2. In my husbands case, as they have asked for pcc certificates, shall we jst provide the renewed pcc certificate since 2019 till now from Qatar as he currently resides in Qatar?

@gurmindersingh can u please provide your valuable advise?

In my view

  1. You don’t need to provide renewed afp police check because you never went back to Australia after the expiry of your submitted police check at the time of lodgement.

For Indian pcc just check the expiry of your previous indian pcc. If it is expiring in coming weeks or months then you better renew it and submit it along with your form 80 just to avoid another case officer contact.

  1. If he hasn’t traveled to India since his last submitted indian pcc then he don’t need to provide Indian pcc.

For Oman same rule applies.

For Qatar he need to provide it.