Toronto and Brampton Specific - Post PPR/CoPR International Whatsapp Group

Toronto and Brampton Specific - Post PPR/CoPR International Whatsapp Group
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Hello guys,

We have a whatsapp group targeted specifically towards people moving to Toronto and Brampton. Please note you can join the group only if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have received a PPR or CoPR or have already moved to Toronto or Brampton.
  • Promise to be interactive
  • Follow the language of command: English
  • Are willing to share idea/opinions and help others
  • Believe in a healthy discussion
  • Be respectful towards all no matter the nationality, creed, belief, age, gender

The group will be focused on the following discussions:

  • Landing
  • Housing
  • PoF
  • Jobs
  • Settling
  • Taxation
  • Schooling
  • Further education
  • Insurance
  • Living in Canada
  • Tips and tricks

Please note this is a strictly moderated group so do note you can be forced out without notice.

People who are still in the EE/ITA/AoR stage please do not join now, you can join in once you have the PPR.



Hi, do we have this WhatsApp group active? I have received my COPR on 20th Apr’18. Please add me +918800663809 if we have this active. Thanks!


Hi Sehaj! I have just got PPR. Please add me to this group as well. The whatsapp link isnt working anymore. Please help!

Here’s my number - +91-9888580898


Can you please add me to the Group my contact no. is +1-437-971-2628


Plz add me got PPR on 18th dec 18 need help to migrate … my number is 9877684035


I have received my COPR Please add me to the group +919711168840