Telephonic Marriage due to Covid19 - Partner Visa SC309/100

Hi, Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions I cannot travel to Pakistan for my nikkah/marriage ceremony. So it has been decided that the Nikkah/Marriage will proceed on telephone, as Islamic law allows. Proper marriage ceremonies (Rukhsati and Walima) will be conducted when travel is allowed (currently planned in December). Question 1: Do you think Immigration dept will have any objections to the validity of this marriage considering that at the time of Nikkah/Marriage I am in Australia and my to be spouse is in Pakistan. Question 2: Can I lodge the application as soon as the Nikkah/Marriage happens or should I wait for the ceremonies to happen at a later date and then lodge the application? Question 3: Can I lodge the application as soon as I can after the nikkah/marriage and then update the status of the application with details of ceremonies once they happen - considering that usually case officer is assigned in about 8 month’s time during which we are expecting marriage ceremonies would have already happened. PS. What is this Covid-19 situation is doing to our lives! Wasn’t it enough complex already :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, any update on your case/situation? Have you got married and applied for partner visa?