Telephonic Marriage due to Covid19 - Partner Visa SC309/100

Hi, Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions I cannot travel to Pakistan for my nikkah/marriage ceremony. So it has been decided that the Nikkah/Marriage will proceed on telephone, as Islamic law allows. Proper marriage ceremonies (Rukhsati and Walima) will be conducted when travel is allowed (currently planned in December). Question 1: Do you think Immigration dept will have any objections to the validity of this marriage considering that at the time of Nikkah/Marriage I am in Australia and my to be spouse is in Pakistan. Question 2: Can I lodge the application as soon as the Nikkah/Marriage happens or should I wait for the ceremonies to happen at a later date and then lodge the application? Question 3: Can I lodge the application as soon as I can after the nikkah/marriage and then update the status of the application with details of ceremonies once they happen - considering that usually case officer is assigned in about 8 month’s time during which we are expecting marriage ceremonies would have already happened. PS. What is this Covid-19 situation is doing to our lives! Wasn’t it enough complex already :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, any update on your case/situation? Have you got married and applied for partner visa?

Brother, I won’t suggest you as I personally feel that it’s kind of a risky act. Besides, it could make your spouse’s case a little bit complex and raise many doubts, ifs and questions in the eye of CO which might result in long await in terms of visa grant.

What is so urgency wait for the borders to be fully opened and then enjoy proper ceremonies which is included but certainly not limited to Mehndi, Nikah and Walima.


  1. The Immigration Department generally recognizes marriages conducted according to Islamic law, even if the spouses are in different countries during the ceremony. However, it’s advisable to ensure all necessary legal formalities are met.
  2. You can apply to the Nikkah/Marriage, as it’s legally binding. However, consider waiting until after the ceremonies for comprehensive documentation.
  3. You can apply to the Nikkah/Marriage and update the application later with details of the ceremonies. Communicate any changes to your circumstances to the immigration department during the processing period. COVID-19 has indeed added complexity to such situations.

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