Status checking?

Hi.... I lodged my application on 8th October 2016 with all documents through agent in Australia. Till now no positive response. How can I track my application status through immiaccount?is it possible to check my application status?
Yes, You can check the status of your case, If you have TRN number. Just make a dummy immi account. Import your case using TRN number then you can review your case. Hope it helps!!
Hi Ravinder, actually my consultant lodged my application in the portal in which there r applications of other people as well. Is it possible that can transfer or import my application from one immi account to another
Yes If you have TRN number then you can import your application. Just google it- check on DIBP websit or on Forum. It is easy and no issue. I also applied through agent.
Hi Ravinder ....thanks for the reply..can u tell me one more thing that if I import my application will my agent still have an access in the portal to upload documents or see the status of my application.. if dey will not be having any access then I can ask for my refund from my agents.. as I donot trust them anymore

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