Spouse sponsorship file transfer to Delhi

Hi, Can anyone update on the process after the file gets transferred to New Delhi office. I was not aware of this transfer part . This is in connection with Spouse sponsorship , Spouse living in India whereas the sponsor is in Canada. Will it take months .

Hi, I have the same situation. Status for sponsorship said decision made after receipt of my spouse’s biometrics and medical results. Sponsored person’s status changed from In Process to Application received after the file was transferred from here to New Delhi on Dec 13,2019 . No updates yet. Any idea how long would it take ? And how would they update us? We have a representative’s email address listed. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

My situation is same my file transfer to NDVO on January 6th 2020 since that date no update at all I’m November 28 2019 applicant!! Biometric it’s done and medical has been received by IRCC.

What is the current status of your file or when did you get DM? Please reply as i am also in the same situation. Thanks