Skill Code 262112 ICT Security Specialists

Skill Code 262112 ICT Security Specialists
5.0 1

Hello Members, I got my ACS cleared in the titled code a month back and now preparing for PTE. I can see that it is only available NSW. Can anyone please suggest what are the chances if I get 65 points including SS. Thanks in advance.

If your occupations is rare, and not many people are in the pool, then you have a good chance with NSW.


There has not been much invites sent out for 262112 the current cutoff also seems to be on higher note… as mentioned by Andy in case you are able to secure 65 including state points you will be very close to securing an invite.


Hi Andy Could please tell me what is the current situation of ICT Security Specialist, I have done my EOI with 65 points(189) on 1-02-2018 and will it take longer than four months ?

Thanks and regards Chameera


I can’t recall, but i think its not pro-rata and on SOL… therefore, the cutoff is 70.

I can see that VIC is actively inviting 65+5 262112.

NSW not as many.


Hi Andy, is it still the same trend for Vic in 2019 or the Dec 2018? i have the same code 262112 and my score is 65+5 for 190.